Finishing Stuff

Welcome back!

Bit of a quiet one this week, i’m playing Magic The Gathering with Hamish tomorrow so have been digging my stuff out for that

That said, i’ve been continuing with the Escher for Necromunda and managed to finish my gang, The Red Eyes , named after thie leader’s fearsome bionic

mainly reds with with bright hair and yellow loincloths at tribute to the original miniatures

I like the Necromunda minis but some better work could have been done regarding assembly options; ability to put any head on any torso and easier to convert weapons as each mini only really has 2 options
that said they do look good and i think i’ll have to have a read of the rules to get some games in

I also managed to finish my copy of Burning Of Prospero; quite straightforward paint jobs but look good as a group

i do plan on playing one scenario on stream with Hamish, i’m just waiting for a foam tray to transport the forces

This weekend we managed some games of 30k against Newbie, my Blood Angels stomping his Deathguard then a close game where my Emperors Children beat his Deathguard

This was followed up with a game at Triple Helix Wargames against Alhaus where his Custodes kicked the Sisters to pieces; in one game turn i managed over a dozen rolls of 1!

That said, his army is coming along nicely; i’m hoping to test out some trounamnet lists against him as i’d like to do more gaming days this year!

i’m hoping to have some Malifaux for show next week; i dropped my case and while the Curiosity set wasn’t inside al lthe rest of my figures need paint stripping and rebuilding due to being old metals

Anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Short week again this week. I took a break from painting Templars and decided to paint some of the new Primaris Marines in the old Ultramarines colours. Like the captain I’ve done i much prefer the old school colour scheme.
If i’m happy with how the squad comes out i think i’ll do a proper force of them.

Also with the new Tyranid codex out this weekend i’ve been painting up some of my old Tyranids in to Hivefleet Kraken scheme. I also found my old third edition carnifex and plan on adding some claws to him to make him in to Old One Eye. Hopefully the bits will arrive this week and i can get him painted up for next week.
The scheme is quick to paint and although not as detailed as some of my other armies it looks good on the table which is what i normally aim for.



Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Not had much time to paint this week due to my new PC arriving, but i have managed to finish the predator for the Black Templars.

I also re-based my old Emperors champion but he is still in the original paint scheme as i didn’t want to risk stripping him back. As he’s only going to be one model amongst the army he shouldn’t stand out too bad.
I changed this list up yet again, this time adding an attack bike and moving the land raider to month 5, once the bike is complete month 4 shall finally be done! only about a month and a half behind schedule!

Next week i might also paint up some Primaris Ultramarines or even do a few more Tyranids. With their codex due out next month it’d be nice to get some painted gribblies on the table.


Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Finished the Whirlwind this week as well as reshuffled the army list a bit.

I moved the predator to month 4 so that i could also add an Emperors champion. As the Land raider is a heavy support option i decided to make it the month five choice instead. That will make the final list 111 power level, which means i still have 14 power points to spend on something. The rules are you must add something already in the army for making up spare points. I was thinking of adding a third dreadnought, which would bring me to 118, leaving me 7 power level but i’m not sure what to spend it on. I could afford a fourth dreadnought for that, but not sure if 4 dreadnoughts is too many!


Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i’ve finished the Templars 3rd crusader squad and started work on the dread.

The dreadnought will be armed with a Twin lascannon and rocket launcher for fire support. I’ve also changed up the list for the month and dropped the company ancient and servitors in exchange for a whirlwind, which means painting another thank but again i need fire support. This makes more “stand back and shoot” units for the Templars, but i’m finding i need something to lay down covering fire whilst my assault units advance.

I also have my old limited edition Emperors champion who will be in the army but i’m not sure if i want to strip and repaint him as he’s varnished so i’m not sure how stripping it will go.

Short update this week, but things are progressing!


Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week has been spent doing various test paints whilst i wait for my tale of warlords month 4 stuff to arrive. It will involve a lot of units to bring my army up to 100 power level, so should keep me going for awhile! The final month will be November, after which the tale will be completed but i will still be buying more stuff as i’m re doing the whole army.
After that, we are planning on starting an Age of Sigmar “Path to Glory” style paint along at the club. I’m tempted to join in on this but have no idea which army to do! I want to start a new one and i will be painting my Lizardmen up still along side it.
I’m undecided at the moment between Orcs or Chaos.

As i mentioned, i have spent this week with a bit of test painting. I started by test painting an Ultramarine Primaris Hellblaster, as this is most likely the chapter i will do if/when i decide to buy some of the new marines.
I’ve gone for the traditional old school colours as i’m not that fond of the new gold/brass look. Plus there’s a bit of nostalgia going on with painting them this way. I didn’t go with the old Goblin green bases however! And i also toned the red down a bit from the 90’s bright red.
I quite like the way he came out (unfortunately the picture doesn’t do it much justice) And think an army of them on the table would look quite good.

The other thing I’ve been test painting is skin for my dark elf witch elves, having played a game of oldhammer with them on Sunday for the first time in ages against orcs and goblins.
My unit of executioners killed about 5 orcs then just rolled over and died but the witch elves decide that they would eat a unit of orcs, smash through the centre of the orc line and then return a few turns later to help eat another unit! This was a unit of only 20!
As a result i decided that they deserve a bit of attention in the painting department as a reward for their efforts whilst i wait for the Black Templars.
I quite like the pale milky skin that comes on the box art and decided to try and get close to that, so have been experimenting with a few (pics next week).

That’s pretty much it for this week, so here’s a random picture of some dinosaurs eating some orcs from Sunday.


Fate of Konor: Conclusion

Welcome back!

We’ve had the final gaming day in the Fate Of Konor Campaign amd we suffered a loss!

As per usual i rocked up with 100pwr of Sisters of Battle

We played against Alhaus’ Custodes and boy are they tough!

the Seraphim are useful as a meat shield and put out alot of firepower but didn’t really do much

i did like how survivable tanks are; they’re more durable in combat than the rest of the force; the Custodes would kill a squad in shooting then another in assault!

tried a last ditch attempt to win the game with a lone Imagifier charging Voldus.. it didn’t go well!

the Pentitent Engines are amazing though; if i had the funds i’d run 6 of ’em and a lone Exorcist!

we also played against Alhaus’ Black Templars and in a remarkable turn of events, tabled them!

they did look great as an army; hopefully he reworks his Emperors Champion to fit the army more 🙂

I also mentioned last week i’ve finished the Blood Bowl Dwarfs; here’s a pic of the team and one of the cards from Gridiron

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Little different this week. While i’m just over half way through painting my Templars assault squad, which will hopefully be complete by next week,  I’ve been assembling some custodian guard I’ve had for a while.

I played a game with them on Sunday and although only 2 of them survived that was down to my bad rolling more than their rules. They did quite well overall. I’ve always liked the background of the custodians and am glad they finally have models in 40k. They are currently running around with Guilliman and Voldus, as i wanted an army other than Ultramarines i could run Guilliman with and Voldus is there mainly because i had the model.

I really like the models and look forward to painting them in between the Templars, hopefully it wont be too difficult.


Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i managed to finish the crusader squad for the Templars that i started last week.

With that squad finished I’ve begun assembling and undercoating the assault squad which when finished will complete this months paint along. They might take a bit longer to paint so i’m hoping to have them finished by the end of the month, and at least have half of them done by the weekend.

I also manged to assemble and paint the Primaris lieutenant i picked up at the weekend.

He’s one of the few Primaris marines i’ll most likely use, seeing as he has a power sword, making him a bit more Templar themed for my army. He’s not part of the paint along remake army list however, so wont be part of the final project but he’ll most likely get use in other games.


Fate of Konor: More flamers!

Welcome back!

a short update this week; after watching Hamish play Ziggurat i had to buy myself a copy in the Steam Sale and it’s highly addictive!
i have been painting the Blood Bowl Dwarfs and hopefully will have the team finished next week; then onto the Skaven i think 🙂

I managed to play in Triple Helix Wargames’ Konor campaign, this time 75 Power with the Sisters.

I had been expecting the Konor mission where the Defender has to survive in their deployment zone but instead we played the Open War cards.

I faced off against a Deathguard list with a load of Pox Walkers, Typhus and some plague marines

Seeing this ahead of me, i used an alpha strike from Dominions and Retributors to try and clear some of their numbers…

But it didn’t go well!

That said, we wiped everyhting else out but lost 44 – 37; we played turn 6 and i would have won the game as i took a pair of Hellbrutes worth 16 points easily

still, it was a fun game and has given me tips for my own zombie horde…

I managed to play a Deathwatch force next and while i grabbed no pictures, we tabled them turn 5!
i wish i’d kept the Immolators Flamer turret options as they’re quite tasty in this edition… still, the buff to Heavy Bolters are more than useable

Like i say, hopeing to get the Dwarfs finished for next week and currently digging my Necromunda stuff out…


as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!