Finishing Stuff

Welcome back!

Bit of a quiet one this week, i’m playing Magic The Gathering with Hamish tomorrow so have been digging my stuff out for that

That said, i’ve been continuing with the Escher for Necromunda and managed to finish my gang, The Red Eyes , named after thie leader’s fearsome bionic

mainly reds with with bright hair and yellow loincloths at tribute to the original miniatures

I like the Necromunda minis but some better work could have been done regarding assembly options; ability to put any head on any torso and easier to convert weapons as each mini only really has 2 options
that said they do look good and i think i’ll have to have a read of the rules to get some games in

I also managed to finish my copy of Burning Of Prospero; quite straightforward paint jobs but look good as a group

i do plan on playing one scenario on stream with Hamish, i’m just waiting for a foam tray to transport the forces

This weekend we managed some games of 30k against Newbie, my Blood Angels stomping his Deathguard then a close game where my Emperors Children beat his Deathguard

This was followed up with a game at Triple Helix Wargames against Alhaus where his Custodes kicked the Sisters to pieces; in one game turn i managed over a dozen rolls of 1!

That said, his army is coming along nicely; i’m hoping to test out some trounamnet lists against him as i’d like to do more gaming days this year!

i’m hoping to have some Malifaux for show next week; i dropped my case and while the Curiosity set wasn’t inside al lthe rest of my figures need paint stripping and rebuilding due to being old metals

Anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Prospero Burns!

well, it will do soon

welcome back; i hope we are all geared up for Hogswatch and we get plenty of hobby related goodies!

i shifted a ton of stuff to Triple Helix Wargames recently, infact enough to buy myself Betrayal At Calth and Burning of Prospero, the Plan© is to paint each as Blood Angels and Emperors Children; the games can be played and the miniatures turned into armies with less effort.

while i’ve done Calths marines a few times i thought i’d start with Prospero; the characters offering some conversion possibilities.

I did start with the Custodes and Sisters first as they’re fairly stock miniatures…

nuffin really to write home about other’n a pack of posability still surprises me…

following on from that, i rebuilt Greigor Fell-Hand with some Blood Angel bits

he should be quite identifiable for the box game as i’m running Blood Angels in 30k

Ahriman was a bit more straightforward;

a head swap (his own and the staff); i plan on eagle wings to replace the dangling sun icons; i’m making a mould of some eagle details for the rank and file marines and may see how i can work it into his armour.

on the painting front i’ve only really finished the Ailuromaniacs for Curiosity Killed The Cat

again; still waiting for dirtying up but i’ve got to paint Lady Abernathy first!

that’s about it; i’m still playing Bloodbowl (and the Solo League is kicking my arse!) where we’re on the run up to Hogswatch so we’ll be quiet until i can get some time off!

Anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Better late than never!

as after some updates i was unable to login!
thankfully owning the domain helped a bit

That said, i’ve not really got alot to show; i’ve been paint stripping and reassembling some Chaos Marine stuff; turns out i’ve nearly got 1500pts as is…

i’m still painting Curiosity Killed The Cat; managing to paint all the Ally Cats / Malifaux Rats.
You’re supposed to put some on the base for Mrs Abernathy but with my custom bases there’s not alot of room.
Plus with Hamelin you need alot of rats / cats so i’ve based them up individually
not terribly exciting but some tiny tiny miniatures there; may need to go back and do some gap filling…

Following on, i’m hoping to pick up Betrayal At Calth this weekend so got The Blood Angels moving again with some left over Assault Marines from a previous project

nothing too interesting to write about there but i do need to find some examples of 30k squad markings…

Talking of old projects i’ve been playing Dionzi at Bloodbowl2 and picked up the tabletop version again

these guys are really uninspiring so i’m finding them hard work.
i do plan, once they’re all done, is make some dirty inks to dull down the metals somewhat; i loved GWs Armour Wash (Grey) and Flesh Wash (browny-green) for some amazing ink effects!

Finally, Hogswatch is on it’s way so i’ve been doing something festive as a bit of a laugh

Mrs H from Hasslefree and Boris from Heresy, photography by a muppet.

Nonetheless, we should have a Model Box for next week or i might get some more of the Malifaux stuff done; they’ll want some of the dirty inks as well and i like to do things in batches!

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!


I’m back! Bloodbowl Live!

yup, you read it right, this time i’m posting from the UK!

as we didn’t get back till late last week there’s not alot of hobby stuff for you this week i’m afraid

infact, i’ve only got one picture (shock horror!)

i’m looking at getting myself a Betrayal At Calth to play (i’ve had three copies before, each going into various 30k armies) and decided i’d do mine as Blood Angels and Emperors Children, so i grabbed a couple of suitable miniatures out of The Spare Bits Box and threw together some paint; while extras to the box game they’ll look cool alongside the force!

next week i’ll have some 54mm stuff to show and hopefully i’ll have made a start on the 30k Blood Angels (i’ve got an assault squad i’m assembling)

don’t forget, Tuesday 17-10-17 at 20:45 i’ll be playing Bloodbowl with Hamish The Polar Bear , live on Twitch!

hopefully i’ll see you there and as always, Have Fun!

Another one bites the dust

well that was a productive week; managed to finish the 30k Blood Angels 🙂

haven’t had chance to play ’em yet but should be interesting; i’d like to do more tournament play so hopefully i can get some test games in!


As i’m usually collating armies while painting i managed to spend a day assebmling and rebasing the next project; an Ultramarine First Company force; i just have to wait for the new codex to work out points values before i can work out where they stand…

in the meantime i received a huge lot of Bloodbowl, one of GWs best games i was impressed by this editions box set.

While the rules haven’t actually changed all that much the re-write (much like Shadow War) has tidied up alot of ambiguous rules and it’s very well presented.

On top of that the models are excellent; Gw managing to show how far ahead they are in plastic production.

I also received the Dwarf Team (and dice) and as the heat is still to much for painting the Rumbleslam ladies the larger amount of detail on the Blood Bowl figures reduces the difficulty of paint drying on the palette

the dwarfs are already assembled and undercoated; as i was painting i spotted a couple of parts that need gap flling but thankfully it’s not massively noticable
Pretty standard blue and white paintjob; mainly to match my (sincve traded off) Dwarf Army.

i’m hoping to find a regular opponent otherwise these guys will be going up for sale once done!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!


Nearing Completion

it’s been a pretty slow week this week; with Dionzi and rookie missing their posts but Alhaus soldiering on with his Prussians!

that said, i’ve not got alot to contribute; i picked up Just Cause 3 in the Steam Summer Sale and racked up 15 hours this week

i have continued with the Blood Angels though!

i’ve got the Praetor, Forgelord, a Contemptor and a Leviathan to do!
i’ve been looking out for a biscuit tin to magnetise them into, similarly to my Lamenter Army but can’t seem to find one!

i’m hoping this week to finish the 30k dreadnought army and either start the 8th edition Terminator force but i’ve got got a hold of the latest Blood Bowl so there maybe some painting there instead…

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Back to Base(ics)

I nearly missed this update as i’ve not been to productive this week, mainly gluing figures together!

While the 8th edition army isn’t much to look at, the 7th edition special character army is almost done!

i’ve hit the point where i need to do some basing, but i find it really boring; i’ve completed many, many armies and each has their own basing technique so i thought i’d show some examples of what i have to choose from

Both the Marines and Escher have the same method; sand glued into place.
The marines are from a Blood Angels Successor army; simply large sand glued onto the bases; while it adds some contrast, i think it looks a bit lackluster and is prone to “shedding”
the Escher, from my Sororitas army, have had grey sand and then inked to dull the colour down; i like the effect but it has the same issues of shedding!

Both the Space Wolves and the Iron Warriors feature the same technique; cork glued onto bases, but finished differently; the Iron Warriors were undercoated and then painted with markings to give the impression of broken up roads, while the Space Wolves have been left unpainted and then sand added for more a more rock-like style

The Lamenters army was something completley different; a mini-diorama was made inside their case and the dreadnoughts magnetised in place; this took alot more planning and work and while looks coherant, isn’t really viable for larger forces!

finally we have the Crimson Fists and Imperial Guard armies; same technique, textured paint with an ink (Devlan Mud and Nuln Oil); quite simple and quite effective; the inks help change the tone of the base to something more appropriate

i’m leaning toward the textured paint just for ease and especially as i’ve got a large pot of Astrogranite to use up…

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!


Alhaus’ random Wednesday.

This week i finally got around to finishing my second assault squad for my 30k Raven Guard.

We’ve these done that completes nearly all the infantry models for the army apart from five more Dark Fury assault marines and an apothecary.
After they are done it’ll then be on to vehicles, which i’m not too fond on painting but at least space marine vehicles tend to be fairly quick.

With this assault squad it also brings the army to just over half finished (until i decide to add more!)

I’ve gone for a very “Get in the enemy’s face” style army rather than a sit back and shoot approach. This does tend to result in most of them dying before they get there however, making their play style slightly more difficult, especially as 7th edition 30k is very shooting based. Nevertheless i think the theme fits the sons of Corax more, even if it’s not a strong play style.

That’s this week, have fun!


Alhaus’ random Wednesday.

Keeping with the primarch theme, this week i completed (well mostly) Roboute Guilliman.

The picture doesn’t do him much justice and i decided to give him his helmet as i wasn’t too keen on the bare head (plus i’m not good at painting flesh!)
The sword didn’t come out as well as i had hoped but overall it was fun to paint.

This is the 40k version but i don’t think he’ll see much gaming time in 40k, though i do have a classic 2nd ed ultramarines army i could potentially run him with and my own chapter uses the ultramarines chapter tactics.
I am more tempted to run him in 30k however. I was thinking of making an Ultramarines terminator force for 30k as taking him makes terminators troops choices and i wouldn’t need to buy many models. I just need to acquire 10 cyclone missile launchers!

It’s a nice model and it’d be a shame to not get to use him much, so the 30k force may be started soon!