Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i painted up my old 3rd edition Tyranid carnifex. I added a couple of the new claws from the current Carnifex and plan to run him as Old One Eye, the older model seemed more fitting.

I currently have many different colour Tyranids from various colour schemes i’ve tried out but i think i’m going to settle for Hivefleet Kraken, as this is a very simple scheme to paint and should help with painting lots of models quickly.

I’ve also been painting up more Ultramarine Primaris and even started on some of my custodes, though they are proceeding slowly as i don’t seem too enthusiastic to paint gold.
The Black Tempalrs are also still coming along and are very nearly done, just that land raider still to do and another bike!
Other than that has been a quite week for painting but with the next tail of warlords starting soon i need to decided which army to paint up! I’m looking between Imperial guard, Tzeentch daemons and the Custodes. The problem with the Custodes however will be their lack of options.


More pop-up terrain

Welcome back!

Not a massively productive week this week; i’m between projects and having trouble with my focus

That said, i managed not one, but three peices of popup terrain this week and really loving constructing things 🙂

I started with The Bridge and is had a couple of surprisingly difficult sections, but turned out alright; even if i need to look at a method of ensuring the peices sit flat. Either some heavy scatter terrain or perhaps some thin metal strips on each corner.

Cohen verses a cultist!

As the bridge only took an hour or so i thought i’d do another simple one, assembling the Rocky Field

Quite simple and about 45 minutes; i like how there’s just enough gap between most of the sections for a single base and a couple of platforms for guys to stand on

On a roll, i spent another hour and a half assembling the Ruins

Not keen on some of the details, like the statues but it’s interesting enough for an RPG or Skirmish game.

Hopefully i can get some more assembled and find space to take a picture of hte peices together

Finally i’m still assembling the Tyranids.

I’ve got hte original and 2nd edition Warriors going on there but strggling to find arms; this alone has been killing my enthusiasm and so they may end up going for sale so i can focus on painting the various boardgames GW produce; Hamish The Polar Bear is looking to stream tabletop games on a Tuesday and i must admit it’s tempting to try games like Betrayal At Calth and Execution Force!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Fate of Konor: more 8th edition

Welcome back!

This weekend Games Workshop’s new 8th edition campaign kicked off; The Fate of Konor. While still New To 8th i managed to play a couple of games for The Imperium with my Adeptus Sororitas

a standard 50 Power list but with a few changes for 8th; i’ve always ran a flamer / heavy flamer in each squad but for this edition split them out; either two meltaguns or two storm bolters in each squad.
i’ve also added a Retributer squad with 4 heavy flamers and a combi-flamer and put my spare flamers into a Dominion squad!

While i won’t give the ins and outs of the games, some notes are:

i like the alternating deployment and the new Act Of Faith rules offer some interesting tactics with the Sisters.

Gaunts are still mediocre; their numbers are impressive but i’d rather take Warriors now Instand-Death is gone.

the Harpy is less than impressive as is the Toxicrine and Venomthropes (but they do allow with The Horror a nice -2 to hit!)

Hive Tyrants are as hard as a brick sandwich on toast! it was the last surviving Tyranid and took 3 meltaguns, 3 pairs of Heavy Bolters and a charge from a Repressor to kill!

thankfully i pulled an 8-0 for the Imperium 🙂

Secondly i faced a Space Wolves player, thankfully i rolled defender and stayed on the Imperiums side

The Deredeo dreadnought was tough to kill but even with his massive amount of dice struggled to put out alot of damage, especially for his points cost

Wulfen are still the bane of my life; their damage output has been nerfed but their ability to throw off wounds on a 5+ is a proper pain with 2 wound models with 3+ invulnerable saves!

i managed to pull an impressive move with a rhino; shooting a Cyberwolf and then charging to kill it off!
while i was down to a few sisters at the end of the game, i had all my tanks still and faces a wounded Wolf Priest and Rune Priest pulling off a 4-3 victory

All in all quite fun; there wasn’t alot of 7th frustrations and even facing a Hive Tyrant, my sisters stil lhad a chance of doing something while in 7th you’d often not bother with some units as they had no chance.

The next outing is in two weeks where we move to 75 Power.. i’m hoping to get Celestine on the table 🙂

As always, many thanks and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday – For the Swarm!

As my Black Templars are a paint along with the club and i’m waiting for more models to arrive i decided to start a repaint of the other army i’ll be running in 8th, Tyranids.

I’ve had them for almost as long as the Templars but never actually settled on a colour scheme for them. After a few experiments and “hmmming” I finally decided to just settle for a quick to paint scheme and not much of an amazingly looking one. I originally had my own Hivefleet but will now do Hivefleet Kraken.

The scheme is easy to paint as it’s mainly just a wash over the undercoat and then add red and fill in the details. It’s helpful being a quick scheme with all the models that’ll be painted. Also as this is a repaint unlike the Templars it mostly involves stripping and repainting models, so i need to buy very little and can fit it in between doing the Templars.

Even though the scheme is quite basic, it’ll look quite effective when its all on the table as one big force.
I’ve always liked the idea of Tyranids being a close combat army, getting in to your face and ripping it off and as a result there isn’t a single gun in the army.
For 8th however I’ve decided that i will add a few gun units, which will act as support for the other guys getting in to combat.

The few games i have had with them in 8th so far however have been quite fun and Tyranids have definitely received a much needed boost from previous editions. Also with the new rules different armies are once again more viable and it’s not just “Flying dakka Tyrant and dakka fexes” which seemed to be the majority of lists for 7th edition.

While Templars will be my main army, i hope to be having fun with Tyranids as well! The swarm hungers…