Model Box: Banzai

Welcome back!

As Alhaus is off this week (his Birfday) i thought we’d look at this months Model Box, themed around Banzai

Some not bad miniatures in this one and, had i not shifted all my Ten Thunder Miniatures, quite an interesting selection!

From Bad Squiddo Games (makers of great female miniatures) an Onna-Bugeisha Champion.. while not intricate detail, a great sculpt and would look good painted up andcertainly my favourite of the poses!

We follow up with Test Of Honour from Warlord Games specifically the Bandits Swordsmen

i may crack open the guy on the left as i think he’d be fun to paint; the lower guy has some casting issues (discolouring and rough texture) possibly from reusing metal but we’ll see how he undercoats!

We follow up with a Bushido miniature, Takashi Samurai.

while the usual good quality casting, that sword is going to be a sod to fix and on the whole, an uninteresting miniature to me.

we finish up with some neat terrain from TT Combat, specifically their Eastern Accessories blister.

again, i’ve got shot of my Ten Thunders but this pack will go well with a mould i’ve made of Laughing Buddha statues and a JJD Terrain Samurai House i’ve got knocking about should i need an Oriental display board!

specifically, this month is a bonus financewise, and i’m looking forward to painting the Test Of Honour guys!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

What a week!

Welcome back!
what a week that was, i played Bloodbowl on Twitch, Jason wrote that excellent battle report and Newbie dropped off a joint Forgeworld order we made

Bloodbowl was fun, despite a few technical issues to start with but Hamish wasn’t enamoured; hopefully i can convince him to try some more 🙂

on the hobby front i assembled some more Pop-Up Terrain managing three (well two) more pieces

If i can get another piece done it’s about three foot square coverage, enough to play Malifaux

the Shubbery was quite straightforward and is good for breaking up charge lines

however the Graveyard was fiddly and doesn’t really fold that well

plus has some crazy small bits to cut out!

i think i’d have cut the raised section to be lower myself.

Ontop of this, i’ve decided to try and get to The Mother Of Mercy, an Inquisitor event in Nottingham.
While i have a wide range of crews, i’ve decided to do something with a large collection of Preacher Josefs in my For Sale box.

So out came the greenstuff and a pair of incomplete Josef (and a stock Josef) for a new crew

part of the challenge being to make each miniature look moderatley unique…

The Master of Verse and Keeper of Keys, mostley converted, some tidying up to do on them.

Hopefully i can get them painted up next as i’ve got a pile of shiny 30k minatures to paint now…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Rumbleslam!

As i’m writing this from sunny Corfu*, here’s a look into this months Model Box – themed around Rumbleslam!

I’ve done a bit of Rumbleslam! as of late, having completed an amazonian team and i must admit, am tempted with the starter set 🙂

Starting with the models themselves, i received the usual; skin-coloured paint from Foundry (i’ve still got to try these out!).

From Rumbleslam! itself we have The Brothers Berzerk, a tag team of rather chaos looking dudes but the usual fantastic casts and details the Rumbleslam! range contains.
Not sure if i’m gonna paint these guys or try and trade for someone aligned to the Forest faction.

We recieved a Linesman from Greebo Games who make a large quantity of fantasy sports figures.
while Bretonnians aren’t my thing he’d be an interesting model to paint, or perhaps i’m gonna donate him as a prize on Hamish’ stream.

following on from the great terrain, i’ve received a set of fencing / barricades; these would look cool arranged around an MDF ring so perhaps i’m going to have to invest in some more Rumbleslam! …

Money-wise we break about even; while the Greebo  miniature isn’t of interest i’m more than tempted to paint the rest up!
all in all a good box this month and i look forward to the next one.

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

*ok, i’m actually writing this the day before i went so sorry i missed last week!

More pop-up terrain

Welcome back!

Not a massively productive week this week; i’m between projects and having trouble with my focus

That said, i managed not one, but three peices of popup terrain this week and really loving constructing things 🙂

I started with The Bridge and is had a couple of surprisingly difficult sections, but turned out alright; even if i need to look at a method of ensuring the peices sit flat. Either some heavy scatter terrain or perhaps some thin metal strips on each corner.

Cohen verses a cultist!

As the bridge only took an hour or so i thought i’d do another simple one, assembling the Rocky Field

Quite simple and about 45 minutes; i like how there’s just enough gap between most of the sections for a single base and a couple of platforms for guys to stand on

On a roll, i spent another hour and a half assembling the Ruins

Not keen on some of the details, like the statues but it’s interesting enough for an RPG or Skirmish game.

Hopefully i can get some more assembled and find space to take a picture of hte peices together

Finally i’m still assembling the Tyranids.

I’ve got hte original and 2nd edition Warriors going on there but strggling to find arms; this alone has been killing my enthusiasm and so they may end up going for sale so i can focus on painting the various boardgames GW produce; Hamish The Polar Bear is looking to stream tabletop games on a Tuesday and i must admit it’s tempting to try games like Betrayal At Calth and Execution Force!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Pop Up Terrain

Welcome back!

a long, long time ago* i backed a project on Kickstarter called Pop-Up Miniature Terrain, finding myself amused by the thought of foldable terrain

I was impressed with the quality of the prints (having ordered physical copies of the Sepia versions and the full-colour PDFs) but was daunted by the time it looked like each would take to assemble.

i found myself at a loose end this weekend and managed to assemble the first one, The Gazebo.

while other epople assembling them have used markers to black out the edges i left mine, mainly to see what it looks like.

An hour and a half’s worth of work it folds almost flat and has some great details

i’m not a fan of the roof but it does have advantages

that ogre is an oldhammer metal ogre and weighs quite a bit!

all in all a nice kit so if i get chance (this sunday is Fate Of Konor round 2) i may try the next building in the set 🙂

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

*i can still remember