Finishing Stuff

Welcome back!

a bit of a short one this week; i’m playing in a 40k tournament on Sunday so been prepping an army and background; it’s my first 40k tournament since 2001 (Conflict Bristol, where i placed 12th!) it’s an unusual army so keeping it quiet 🙂

That said, i’m looking at Streaming with Hamish so been getting a few stand alone games completed, i showed some Super Dungeon Explore before and i’m still working through it

While i’ve been working on boring minions i did allow myself some work on the cute heroes…

i’ve got the dragon half of hte box on my desk then another 4 heroes to complete the box

i’ve also been doing more Bloodbowl; i know Hamish doesn’t want to play it again but i may try to get to more tournaments this year…

not using Skaven though as i’m not a fan of the miniatures…

That said, i showed you my Escher recently so have started the Goliaths…

a standard paintjob as they’re only going to be used to demo the new game
i did dig out a pair of fresh gangs for the original game as we may play that first to demonstrate how different the games are

The Stalking Bats, House Delaque mostly by Heresy Miniatures

The Red Eyes, House Escher; current plastics bolstered by old school metals

To finish i’ve had these guys sat on my desk for months and months since i finished My Lamenters Army.
As i picked up the Blood Angels Codex from Triple Helix recently i thought i’d slap some paint on them!

That was a productive week; next week i plan on having lots of images from the Tournament!
I hope my dice hold out and i see some great armies!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Project Begin

Welcome back!

As we finished a few projects last time i started a fresh project

with the addition of a rhino that’s 1500pts of Death Guard!
so it’ll be a bit to get it assembled but then it’s be fun to revisit Death Guard

In addition i dug out the copy of Super Dungeon Explore to try with Hamish.. once i finish it…

I did a couple more minis for Curiosity Killed The Cat; Candy had a cat’s head added to her basket and Cade got a cat onsie!

in addition we completed the Blood Angels to finish the 30k to 40k force conversion

they’re waiting to have bases inked and we’re ready to find 40k tournaments…

finally i painted a model from the Model Box for Banzi Painting Contest

quite a subtle miniature; many people are doing dioramas so went subtle

quitea quiet one this week but hopefully i’ll have the Deathguard assembled and started to undercoat!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!