Curiosity Killed The Cat

and almost me!

welcome back! this week has been another one that’s slow but for a different reason; i bought some “Nightmare” edition Malifaux miniatures and nightmare is accurate!

it’s a crazy cat lady and a horde of cats.. some of which with separate legs a couple of mm long!

that said, the malifaux minis have some great details; i’m not sure my paintwork does them justice.. for example here’s The Dutiful Son

his tattoos are a good colour but not intricate enough for my liking!

same with the first Ailuromaniac; some gorgeous sculpt there but i think the difficulty in assembly really has hampered my ability to paint!

that said i’m happyish with Schrodinger and his box; shame the posing it’s great; not a fan of the tail passing through his own (rotting) body

moving on, i’m looking into Shadespire so thought i’d paint a random undead mini from The Box©; settling on Krell

i need to try mix up some inks for more rust effects; GWs Armour Wash (grey) and Flesh Wash (brownish) made a great greenish ink!

i also did some more minis for a Execution Force set, Emperors CHildren to match my 30k force!

i’ve still got a ton of cats to paint so expect more Malifaux fora while yet.. hopefully playing Warhammer Quest with Hamish tomorrow!

anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!