Model Box: Banzai

Welcome back!

As Alhaus is off this week (his Birfday) i thought we’d look at this months Model Box, themed around Banzai

Some not bad miniatures in this one and, had i not shifted all my Ten Thunder Miniatures, quite an interesting selection!

From Bad Squiddo Games (makers of great female miniatures) an Onna-Bugeisha Champion.. while not intricate detail, a great sculpt and would look good painted up andcertainly my favourite of the poses!

We follow up with Test Of Honour from Warlord Games specifically the Bandits Swordsmen

i may crack open the guy on the left as i think he’d be fun to paint; the lower guy has some casting issues (discolouring and rough texture) possibly from reusing metal but we’ll see how he undercoats!

We follow up with a Bushido miniature, Takashi Samurai.

while the usual good quality casting, that sword is going to be a sod to fix and on the whole, an uninteresting miniature to me.

we finish up with some neat terrain from TT Combat, specifically their Eastern Accessories blister.

again, i’ve got shot of my Ten Thunders but this pack will go well with a mould i’ve made of Laughing Buddha statues and a JJD Terrain Samurai House i’ve got knocking about should i need an Oriental display board!

specifically, this month is a bonus financewise, and i’m looking forward to painting the Test Of Honour guys!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!