Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i painted up my old 3rd edition Tyranid carnifex. I added a couple of the new claws from the current Carnifex and plan to run him as Old One Eye, the older model seemed more fitting.

I currently have many different colour Tyranids from various colour schemes i’ve tried out but i think i’m going to settle for Hivefleet Kraken, as this is a very simple scheme to paint and should help with painting lots of models quickly.

I’ve also been painting up more Ultramarine Primaris and even started on some of my custodes, though they are proceeding slowly as i don’t seem too enthusiastic to paint gold.
The Black Tempalrs are also still coming along and are very nearly done, just that land raider still to do and another bike!
Other than that has been a quite week for painting but with the next tail of warlords starting soon i need to decided which army to paint up! I’m looking between Imperial guard, Tzeentch daemons and the Custodes. The problem with the Custodes however will be their lack of options.