Model Box: Twisted History

Welcome back!
This week we have this months’ Model Box, covering Twisted History

A good box this month; glad to get a new brush to try and a nice ecletic mix of miniatures!

we have Lucid Eye from Savage Core (Warlord Games seems to be discontinuing alot these days) which is a nice if bland sculpt

That said we have Black Jack from Secrets of the Third Reich who is the opposite; full of character and details but not interesting at all

We have an orc from Panzerfauste (who i can’t seem to find in their store); this is the best part about Model Box; miniatures i’ve not seen or heard of (i’m tempted by their Dads Army; Orc edition!)

finally we have a nice scenic base from Microart Studio; it’s a bit Infinity-esk but clean sculpt and nice cast.

Apart from the paints and brush i see myself doing a mini-diorama for the Painting Contest which should be fun

all in all good value for money this month and most of which i’m looking forward to painting

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Project Begin

Welcome back!

As we finished a few projects last time i started a fresh project

with the addition of a rhino that’s 1500pts of Death Guard!
so it’ll be a bit to get it assembled but then it’s be fun to revisit Death Guard

In addition i dug out the copy of Super Dungeon Explore to try with Hamish.. once i finish it…

I did a couple more minis for Curiosity Killed The Cat; Candy had a cat’s head added to her basket and Cade got a cat onsie!

in addition we completed the Blood Angels to finish the 30k to 40k force conversion

they’re waiting to have bases inked and we’re ready to find 40k tournaments…

finally i painted a model from the Model Box for Banzi Painting Contest

quite a subtle miniature; many people are doing dioramas so went subtle

quitea quiet one this week but hopefully i’ll have the Deathguard assembled and started to undercoat!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Banzai

Welcome back!

As Alhaus is off this week (his Birfday) i thought we’d look at this months Model Box, themed around Banzai

Some not bad miniatures in this one and, had i not shifted all my Ten Thunder Miniatures, quite an interesting selection!

From Bad Squiddo Games (makers of great female miniatures) an Onna-Bugeisha Champion.. while not intricate detail, a great sculpt and would look good painted up andcertainly my favourite of the poses!

We follow up with Test Of Honour from Warlord Games specifically the Bandits Swordsmen

i may crack open the guy on the left as i think he’d be fun to paint; the lower guy has some casting issues (discolouring and rough texture) possibly from reusing metal but we’ll see how he undercoats!

We follow up with a Bushido miniature, Takashi Samurai.

while the usual good quality casting, that sword is going to be a sod to fix and on the whole, an uninteresting miniature to me.

we finish up with some neat terrain from TT Combat, specifically their Eastern Accessories blister.

again, i’ve got shot of my Ten Thunders but this pack will go well with a mould i’ve made of Laughing Buddha statues and a JJD Terrain Samurai House i’ve got knocking about should i need an Oriental display board!

specifically, this month is a bonus financewise, and i’m looking forward to painting the Test Of Honour guys!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Justice

Welcome back!

This month’s Model Box has arrived, themed around Justice

Not a bad box; we have received a Ben Affleck Batman (who doesn’t appear on Knight Models’ shop) which has some great detailing on him

We’ve also got some Frostgrave Soldiers which are typical of North Star; great detail and casting but really don’t interest me!

We also have a characterful sculpt from Foundry of Judge Dredd… i haven’t played the miniature game but do have a couple of judges now

We also have some Warcolours paints who i’ve not heard of (and a 10% discount code) so may give them a try

with a standard Batman being ยฃ17 this month we are well worth our value!

a good box this month, Dredd and Batman are going into the Paint Queue ๐Ÿ™‚

many thanks for reading

Have Fun!


Model Box: Orctober!

Welcome back!

It’s (almost) the last day of the month but we have this months’ Model Box; themed around Orcs

Not a bad haul this month, if a little light value-wise

We received one of Kromlechs’ Orc Pilots, a great mini and i think the new Spanner for a Gorkamorka Mob i have planned…

We also received a mini from Atlantis Miniatures, who have some great (if a bit WOW-esk) figures.
This one is the Orc Claws which is a great miniature but uninspiring.

They’re odd scales too; here they pose with an orc from Brewhouse Bash…

There was the usual two paints and a Limited Edition Zombie Hand Trophy which may go onto an orc-themed terrain peice…
The lasercut Combat Gauge is interesting; i know Warhmachine have used these for ages, Spartan had their own and GW have recently made a couple so i’ll give it a go…

Like i say, value-wise it’s not too great a box this month but i see plenty of uses out of it and look forward to painting the Pilot ๐Ÿ™‚

In other news i’ve been doing some more pop-up terrain however the Forest has alot of cutting out to do…

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Rumbleslam!

As i’m writing this from sunny Corfu*, here’s a look into this months Model Box – themed around Rumbleslam!

I’ve done a bit of Rumbleslam! as of late, having completed an amazonian team and i must admit, am tempted with the starter set ๐Ÿ™‚

Starting with the models themselves, i received the usual; skin-coloured paint from Foundry (i’ve still got to try these out!).

From Rumbleslam! itself we have The Brothers Berzerk, a tag team of rather chaos looking dudes but the usual fantastic casts and details the Rumbleslam! range contains.
Not sure if i’m gonna paint these guys or try and trade for someone aligned to the Forest faction.

We recieved a Linesman from Greebo Games who make a large quantity of fantasy sports figures.
while Bretonnians aren’t my thing he’d be an interesting model to paint, or perhaps i’m gonna donate him as a prize on Hamish’ stream.

following on from the great terrain, i’ve received a set of fencing / barricades; these would look cool arranged around an MDF ring so perhaps i’m going to have to invest in some more Rumbleslam! …

Money-wise we break about even; while the Greeboย  miniature isn’t of interest i’m more than tempted to paint the rest up!
all in all a good box this month and i look forward to the next one.

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

*ok, i’m actually writing this the day before i went so sorry i missed last week!

Model Box: Mechs

It’s that time again, this months Model Box has arrived!

after how bad the last one was, this one is impressive ๐Ÿ™‚

starting at the top, we have an “Epirian Foundation Hunter Class Warmech” from the Maelstrom’s Edge Kickstarter ; i can’t find this stuff available other than the starter set but the pictures of the sprues look fairly detailed.

Impressively we follow up with the US Jackal Light Walker from Warlord Game’s Konflikt ’47 coming in at an impressive ยฃ20; doesn’t look too posable but an impressive size to him ๐Ÿ™‚

also from Warlord Games we have a pot of Building Rubble; while i suspect these guys will have scenic bases this is perfect for a new TYranid army project i’m planning…

I guess someone heard my complaining about paints and we’ve got a Model Box branded paintbrush!
I’m struggling to find brushes i like so i’m looking forward to trying this one; if it goes well i may have to ask where they get them from!

all in all a great value and interesting Model Box this month; one of these guys maybe high on The Project List ๐Ÿ™‚

I did finish the Bloodbowl Dwarfs so expect more on them next time…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Gear Up

I’m afraid to say my Model Box for this month arrived and it’s the first i’ve actually been unhappy with ๐Ÿ™

We received the usual two unsusal colours (i can see a grey scheme with orange as a spot colour for some high-tek look), a third of an Anvil Industries squad, a four man team from CP Miniatures and four dudes who have no identification at all!
all in all, not a great set from interesting models or stuff that would be cool to paint.

so instead, more Bloodbowl Dwarfs; especially as i found BB Gridiron do printable team cards; i love the cards in the box game and was disappointed when the teams don’t include them!

i’m tempted to start a 40k project to run alongside the Project: Bloodbowl but we’ll see…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Cowboys

welcome back!

i received this months Model Box and thought i’d bung a post up about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Models wise i received a miniature from Dead Mans Hand, some Outlawsย  and a great miniature from Wild West Exodus, who has jumped onto the painting table!

There was a couple of themed paints in there, but i’d have liked a brush or something interesting…

along with fliers for various companies, i was pleased to receive some terrain!

all in all, about ยฃ30 worth of stuff so a net gain this month; i’m looking forward to assembling the terain; my first MDF piece

In addition i thought i’d show i’ve started painting the 30k Blood Angels; the lighting isn’t great so the highlighting is lost but it’s there!

Model Box – Barbarians

I subscribed to the Model Box last month and thought i’d show you guys what i got this month!

The Model Box works very much like a Loot Crate; for a fee you get several different things all to a set theme, last months was Bombshells, this months is Barbarians!

I received a Darklands Cormac, a Hasslefree Tregar and a baggie full of skulls!

On the whole not a great selection but certainly worth their value ๐Ÿ™‚
thankfully i’m collating a rabble of barbarians into a single regiment and these guys will have a home!

will grab some pictures of the regiment at some point but they’re low down on my project list!

have you guys bought a Model Box? or have slow burn projects with no real aim in mind?


Have Fun!