Curiosity Killed The Cat

and almost me!

welcome back! this week has been another one that’s slow but for a different reason; i bought some “Nightmare” edition Malifaux miniatures and nightmare is accurate!

it’s a crazy cat lady and a horde of cats.. some of which with separate legs a couple of mm long!

that said, the malifaux minis have some great details; i’m not sure my paintwork does them justice.. for example here’s The Dutiful Son

his tattoos are a good colour but not intricate enough for my liking!

same with the first Ailuromaniac; some gorgeous sculpt there but i think the difficulty in assembly really has hampered my ability to paint!

that said i’m happyish with Schrodinger and his box; shame the posing it’s great; not a fan of the tail passing through his own (rotting) body

moving on, i’m looking into Shadespire so thought i’d paint a random undead mini from The Box©; settling on Krell

i need to try mix up some inks for more rust effects; GWs Armour Wash (grey) and Flesh Wash (brownish) made a great greenish ink!

i also did some more minis for a Execution Force set, Emperors CHildren to match my 30k force!

i’ve still got a ton of cats to paint so expect more Malifaux fora while yet.. hopefully playing Warhammer Quest with Hamish tomorrow!

anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

more randomness

Welcome back!

it’s been a bit of an unusual week this week; i’m off on my jollidays next week so i’ve been putting stuff together to post while i’m away and so haven’t got alot done!

as i’ve mentioned, when i’m back i’m going to be co-hosting Tabletop Tuesdays with Hamish The Polar Bear and i’ve been looking at different games to play.
i’m continuing with the Bloodbowl, but as the game peices will be more identifiable in their coloured plastic, i’ve been painting the Skaven

fairly generic colourscheme; greens and browns, dark shades.

as i’ve shown the assassins, i’ve started the Cultists for Execution Force; more fairly generic paint jobs but clear bases to see those board sections

mainly orange as a spot colour to help them stand out against the blues of the Assassins.

Hamish himself has bought Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and while i’m a big fan of the original WHQuest, i thought i’d paint up a Barbarian to play with Hamish’ copy

a slight conversion with the axe, but he was designed to go with a barbarian regiment i’ve been working on for a while.

perhaps the most ambitious of projects, i had some monopose orc boyz with shields knocking about and deicded to make me some models for Brewhouse Bash

having cut the shields off, i need to resculpt the details and they’ll work well as some bar-fighting boyz!

i’m hoping to make the board and tokens as well but atleast i’ve got White Dwarf 223 and the original peices still!

so, sorry for the short post this week; next week i’ll have this month’s Model Box to cover and that only leaves 1 post to work out while abroad 🙂

many thanks for reading and Have Fun!