Finishing Stuff

Welcome back!

a bit of a short one this week; i’m playing in a 40k tournament on Sunday so been prepping an army and background; it’s my first 40k tournament since 2001 (Conflict Bristol, where i placed 12th!) it’s an unusual army so keeping it quiet πŸ™‚

That said, i’m looking at Streaming with Hamish so been getting a few stand alone games completed, i showed some Super Dungeon Explore before and i’m still working through it

While i’ve been working on boring minions i did allow myself some work on the cute heroes…

i’ve got the dragon half of hte box on my desk then another 4 heroes to complete the box

i’ve also been doing more Bloodbowl; i know Hamish doesn’t want to play it again but i may try to get to more tournaments this year…

not using Skaven though as i’m not a fan of the miniatures…

That said, i showed you my Escher recently so have started the Goliaths…

a standard paintjob as they’re only going to be used to demo the new game
i did dig out a pair of fresh gangs for the original game as we may play that first to demonstrate how different the games are

The Stalking Bats, House Delaque mostly by Heresy Miniatures

The Red Eyes, House Escher; current plastics bolstered by old school metals

To finish i’ve had these guys sat on my desk for months and months since i finished My Lamenters Army.
As i picked up the Blood Angels Codex from Triple Helix recently i thought i’d slap some paint on them!

That was a productive week; next week i plan on having lots of images from the Tournament!
I hope my dice hold out and i see some great armies!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2018!

don’t know about you but i don’t get alot of hobby-related gifts but thankfully i picked up a slew of stuff from Triple Helix Wargames including Calth, Prospero and Necromunda

I plan on playing them all with Hamish so started painting Burning of Prospero

as can be assumed from the title, you should paint Prospero as Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons .
i’m painting them as Blood Angels vs Emperors Children as both Calth and Prospero should give me a pair of 30k armies

as they’re mainly for use in the box games they’re quite standard paintjobs

i’ve gotta tidy up the bases and do squad markings but that’s not a priority.

I’ve started theLoyalist sides; Custodes and Sisters of Silence are quite straightforward paintjobs; the Sisters to match the ones i’ve already done for my Adeptus Sororitas

I also converted Geigor Fellhand to be a bit more Blood Angels; basically replacing his top half from some bits off the Blood Angels Upgrade Sprue

While i wait for some shoulderpads to arrive for the blood angel infantry, i’ve assembled Calth and Prospero

2500pts of Emperors Children

3500pts of Blood Angels

I also continued with Blood Bowl stuff, assembling some Goblins; just need a pair of Trolls and i’m undercoating the Box Orcs to give me something to get on with.

I picked up the new Necromunda Underhive boxed game; i’m iunimpressed iwth the rules, both mechanics and book issues (terrible layout and god knows why it was split into two books)

neverless, i’ve assembled the gangs and i’ve started painting the Escher.

Finally, i’ve finished the Curiosity Killed The Cat box set and the addtional figures ordered on Black Friday

i’m hoping to try out some Malifaux this year; possibly going to tournaments is the way forward as there”s no local interest

Candy was painted up to match and the Cat Herders deliberatley darker colours.

a slew of Cats; they’re basic but don’t spend alot of time on the table!

thanks for reading; i hope you enjoyed the Festive Period and have a new year full of games… Have Fun!

Better late than never!

as after some updates i was unable to login!
thankfully owning the domain helped a bit

That said, i’ve not really got alot to show; i’ve been paint stripping and reassembling some Chaos Marine stuff; turns out i’ve nearly got 1500pts as is…

i’m still painting Curiosity Killed The Cat; managing to paint all the Ally Cats / Malifaux Rats.
You’re supposed to put some on the base for Mrs Abernathy but with my custom bases there’s not alot of room.
Plus with Hamelin you need alot of rats / cats so i’ve based them up individually
not terribly exciting but some tiny tiny miniatures there; may need to go back and do some gap filling…

Following on, i’m hoping to pick up Betrayal At Calth this weekend so got The Blood Angels moving again with some left over Assault Marines from a previous project

nothing too interesting to write about there but i do need to find some examples of 30k squad markings…

Talking of old projects i’ve been playing Dionzi at Bloodbowl2 and picked up the tabletop version again

these guys are really uninspiring so i’m finding them hard work.
i do plan, once they’re all done, is make some dirty inks to dull down the metals somewhat; i loved GWs Armour Wash (Grey) and Flesh Wash (browny-green) for some amazing ink effects!

Finally, Hogswatch is on it’s way so i’ve been doing something festive as a bit of a laugh

Mrs H from Hasslefree and Boris from Heresy, photography by a muppet.

Nonetheless, we should have a Model Box for next week or i might get some more of the Malifaux stuff done; they’ll want some of the dirty inks as well and i like to do things in batches!

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!


I’m back! Bloodbowl Live!

yup, you read it right, this time i’m posting from the UK!

as we didn’t get back till late last week there’s not alot of hobby stuff for you this week i’m afraid

infact, i’ve only got one picture (shock horror!)

i’m looking at getting myself a Betrayal At Calth to play (i’ve had three copies before, each going into various 30k armies) and decided i’d do mine as Blood Angels and Emperors Children, so i grabbed a couple of suitable miniatures out of The Spare Bits Box and threw together some paint; while extras to the box game they’ll look cool alongside the force!

next week i’ll have some 54mm stuff to show and hopefully i’ll have made a start on the 30k Blood Angels (i’ve got an assault squad i’m assembling)

don’t forget, Tuesday 17-10-17 at 20:45 i’ll be playing Bloodbowl with Hamish The Polar Bear , live on Twitch!

hopefully i’ll see you there and as always, Have Fun!

more randomness

Welcome back!

it’s been a bit of an unusual week this week; i’m off on my jollidays next week so i’ve been putting stuff together to post while i’m away and so haven’t got alot done!

as i’ve mentioned, when i’m back i’m going to be co-hosting Tabletop Tuesdays with Hamish The Polar Bear and i’ve been looking at different games to play.
i’m continuing with the Bloodbowl, but as the game peices will be more identifiable in their coloured plastic, i’ve been painting the Skaven

fairly generic colourscheme; greens and browns, dark shades.

as i’ve shown the assassins, i’ve started the Cultists for Execution Force; more fairly generic paint jobs but clear bases to see those board sections

mainly orange as a spot colour to help them stand out against the blues of the Assassins.

Hamish himself has bought Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and while i’m a big fan of the original WHQuest, i thought i’d paint up a Barbarian to play with Hamish’ copy

a slight conversion with the axe, but he was designed to go with a barbarian regiment i’ve been working on for a while.

perhaps the most ambitious of projects, i had some monopose orc boyz with shields knocking about and deicded to make me some models for Brewhouse Bash

having cut the shields off, i need to resculpt the details and they’ll work well as some bar-fighting boyz!

i’m hoping to make the board and tokens as well but atleast i’ve got White Dwarf 223 and the original peices still!

so, sorry for the short post this week; next week i’ll have this month’s Model Box to cover and that only leaves 1 post to work out while abroad πŸ™‚

many thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Fate of Konor: Conclusion

Welcome back!

We’ve had the final gaming day in the Fate Of Konor Campaign amd we suffered a loss!

As per usual i rocked up with 100pwr of Sisters of Battle

We played against Alhaus’ Custodes and boy are they tough!

the Seraphim are useful as a meat shield and put out alot of firepower but didn’t really do much

i did like how survivable tanks are; they’re more durable in combat than the rest of the force; the Custodes would kill a squad in shooting then another in assault!

tried a last ditch attempt to win the game with a lone Imagifier charging Voldus.. it didn’t go well!

the Pentitent Engines are amazing though; if i had the funds i’d run 6 of ’em and a lone Exorcist!

we also played against Alhaus’ Black Templars and in a remarkable turn of events, tabled them!

they did look great as an army; hopefully he reworks his Emperors Champion to fit the army more πŸ™‚

I also mentioned last week i’ve finished the Blood Bowl Dwarfs; here’s a pic of the team and one of the cards from Gridiron

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Fate of Konor: More flamers!

Welcome back!

a short update this week; after watching Hamish play Ziggurat i had to buy myself a copy in the Steam Sale and it’s highly addictive!
i have been painting the Blood Bowl Dwarfs and hopefully will have the team finished next week; then onto the Skaven i think πŸ™‚

I managed to play in Triple Helix Wargames’ Konor campaign, this time 75 Power with the Sisters.

I had been expecting the Konor mission where the Defender has to survive in their deployment zone but instead we played the Open War cards.

I faced off against a Deathguard list with a load of Pox Walkers, Typhus and some plague marines

Seeing this ahead of me, i used an alpha strike from Dominions and Retributors to try and clear some of their numbers…

But it didn’t go well!

That said, we wiped everyhting else out but lost 44 – 37; we played turn 6 and i would have won the game as i took a pair of Hellbrutes worth 16 points easily

still, it was a fun game and has given me tips for my own zombie horde…

I managed to play a Deathwatch force next and while i grabbed no pictures, we tabled them turn 5!
i wish i’d kept the Immolators Flamer turret options as they’re quite tasty in this edition… still, the buff to Heavy Bolters are more than useable

Like i say, hopeing to get the Dwarfs finished for next week and currently digging my Necromunda stuff out…


as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Gear Up

I’m afraid to say my Model Box for this month arrived and it’s the first i’ve actually been unhappy with πŸ™

We received the usual two unsusal colours (i can see a grey scheme with orange as a spot colour for some high-tek look), a third of an Anvil Industries squad, a four man team from CP Miniatures and four dudes who have no identification at all!
all in all, not a great set from interesting models or stuff that would be cool to paint.

so instead, more Bloodbowl Dwarfs; especially as i found BB Gridiron do printable team cards; i love the cards in the box game and was disappointed when the teams don’t include them!

i’m tempted to start a 40k project to run alongside the Project: Bloodbowl but we’ll see…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Another one bites the dust

well that was a productive week; managed to finish the 30k Blood Angels πŸ™‚

haven’t had chance to play ’em yet but should be interesting; i’d like to do more tournament play so hopefully i can get some test games in!


As i’m usually collating armies while painting i managed to spend a day assebmling and rebasing the next project; an Ultramarine First Company force; i just have to wait for the new codex to work out points values before i can work out where they stand…

in the meantime i received a huge lot of Bloodbowl, one of GWs best games i was impressed by this editions box set.

While the rules haven’t actually changed all that much the re-write (much like Shadow War) has tidied up alot of ambiguous rules and it’s very well presented.

On top of that the models are excellent; Gw managing to show how far ahead they are in plastic production.

I also received the Dwarf Team (and dice) and as the heat is still to much for painting the Rumbleslam ladies the larger amount of detail on the Blood Bowl figures reduces the difficulty of paint drying on the palette

the dwarfs are already assembled and undercoated; as i was painting i spotted a couple of parts that need gap flling but thankfully it’s not massively noticable
Pretty standard blue and white paintjob; mainly to match my (sincve traded off) Dwarf Army.

i’m hoping to find a regular opponent otherwise these guys will be going up for sale once done!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!