Finishing Stuff

Welcome back!

Bit of a quiet one this week, i’m playing Magic The Gathering with Hamish tomorrow so have been digging my stuff out for that

That said, i’ve been continuing with the Escher for Necromunda and managed to finish my gang, The Red Eyes , named after thie leader’s fearsome bionic

mainly reds with with bright hair and yellow loincloths at tribute to the original miniatures

I like the Necromunda minis but some better work could have been done regarding assembly options; ability to put any head on any torso and easier to convert weapons as each mini only really has 2 options
that said they do look good and i think i’ll have to have a read of the rules to get some games in

I also managed to finish my copy of Burning Of Prospero; quite straightforward paint jobs but look good as a group

i do plan on playing one scenario on stream with Hamish, i’m just waiting for a foam tray to transport the forces

This weekend we managed some games of 30k against Newbie, my Blood Angels stomping his Deathguard then a close game where my Emperors Children beat his Deathguard

This was followed up with a game at Triple Helix Wargames against Alhaus where his Custodes kicked the Sisters to pieces; in one game turn i managed over a dozen rolls of 1!

That said, his army is coming along nicely; i’m hoping to test out some trounamnet lists against him as i’d like to do more gaming days this year!

i’m hoping to have some Malifaux for show next week; i dropped my case and while the Curiosity set wasn’t inside al lthe rest of my figures need paint stripping and rebuilding due to being old metals

Anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!


only a short update this week, so i apologise!

Like most of the wargaming community, i’m moderatley excited for Necromunda.
Possibly like several other gamers Necromunda was my first boxed game, receiving a copy for Christmas 1995.

while i’d played and collected some 40k i was buying White Dwarf every month and was hyped for the game, a mix of Judge Dredd Megacities and 2nd edition 40k’s wonderful Blanchian artwork.

I’ve run most of hte houses and both GW miniatures and non-gw, such as my first attempt at greyscale painting; my St Trinians Escher gang from Hasslefree Miniatures

i loved playing Ratskins; their immunity to Trecherous Conditions making them a lethal gang to play against; the opponent would generally have to fight handicapped while your natives swarmed them!

Generally though, i’d play Delaque; masters of Sneaky Sneaky and opponents would often find themselves with whole turns without line of sight my my bald guys

While the new miniatures look great (and much better than the last editions), i still prefer the classic Jes Goodwin ones

even if these girls are part of my Sisters Of Battle army!

I am slightly concerned by the box contents though; looks awfully like a boardgame; while Betrayal At Calth and Execution Force are good stand alone games, we buy them for use in other games… hopefully we’ll get gang lists for Shadow War: Armageddon as that’s closer to Necromunda.Of course, some of us have our old books so that is always an option…

as always, thanks for reading, i’ll have some more Pop-Up Terrain for next time.

Have Fun!

Fate of Konor: Conclusion

Welcome back!

We’ve had the final gaming day in the Fate Of Konor Campaign amd we suffered a loss!

As per usual i rocked up with 100pwr of Sisters of Battle

We played against Alhaus’ Custodes and boy are they tough!

the Seraphim are useful as a meat shield and put out alot of firepower but didn’t really do much

i did like how survivable tanks are; they’re more durable in combat than the rest of the force; the Custodes would kill a squad in shooting then another in assault!

tried a last ditch attempt to win the game with a lone Imagifier charging Voldus.. it didn’t go well!

the Pentitent Engines are amazing though; if i had the funds i’d run 6 of ’em and a lone Exorcist!

we also played against Alhaus’ Black Templars and in a remarkable turn of events, tabled them!

they did look great as an army; hopefully he reworks his Emperors Champion to fit the army more πŸ™‚

I also mentioned last week i’ve finished the Blood Bowl Dwarfs; here’s a pic of the team and one of the cards from Gridiron

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Fate of Konor: More flamers!

Welcome back!

a short update this week; after watching Hamish play Ziggurat i had to buy myself a copy in the Steam Sale and it’s highly addictive!
i have been painting the Blood Bowl Dwarfs and hopefully will have the team finished next week; then onto the Skaven i think πŸ™‚

I managed to play in Triple Helix Wargames’ Konor campaign, this time 75 Power with the Sisters.

I had been expecting the Konor mission where the Defender has to survive in their deployment zone but instead we played the Open War cards.

I faced off against a Deathguard list with a load of Pox Walkers, Typhus and some plague marines

Seeing this ahead of me, i used an alpha strike from Dominions and Retributors to try and clear some of their numbers…

But it didn’t go well!

That said, we wiped everyhting else out but lost 44 – 37; we played turn 6 and i would have won the game as i took a pair of Hellbrutes worth 16 points easily

still, it was a fun game and has given me tips for my own zombie horde…

I managed to play a Deathwatch force next and while i grabbed no pictures, we tabled them turn 5!
i wish i’d kept the Immolators Flamer turret options as they’re quite tasty in this edition… still, the buff to Heavy Bolters are more than useable

Like i say, hopeing to get the Dwarfs finished for next week and currently digging my Necromunda stuff out…


as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Fate of Konor: more 8th edition

Welcome back!

This weekend Games Workshop’s new 8th edition campaign kicked off; The Fate of Konor. While still New To 8th i managed to play a couple of games for The Imperium with my Adeptus Sororitas

a standard 50 Power list but with a few changes for 8th; i’ve always ran a flamer / heavy flamer in each squad but for this edition split them out; either two meltaguns or two storm bolters in each squad.
i’ve also added a Retributer squad with 4 heavy flamers and a combi-flamer and put my spare flamers into a Dominion squad!

While i won’t give the ins and outs of the games, some notes are:

i like the alternating deployment and the new Act Of Faith rules offer some interesting tactics with the Sisters.

Gaunts are still mediocre; their numbers are impressive but i’d rather take Warriors now Instand-Death is gone.

the Harpy is less than impressive as is the Toxicrine and Venomthropes (but they do allow with The Horror a nice -2 to hit!)

Hive Tyrants are as hard as a brick sandwich on toast! it was the last surviving Tyranid and took 3 meltaguns, 3 pairs of Heavy Bolters and a charge from a Repressor to kill!

thankfully i pulled an 8-0 for the Imperium πŸ™‚

Secondly i faced a Space Wolves player, thankfully i rolled defender and stayed on the Imperiums side

The Deredeo dreadnought was tough to kill but even with his massive amount of dice struggled to put out alot of damage, especially for his points cost

Wulfen are still the bane of my life; their damage output has been nerfed but their ability to throw off wounds on a 5+ is a proper pain with 2 wound models with 3+ invulnerable saves!

i managed to pull an impressive move with a rhino; shooting a Cyberwolf and then charging to kill it off!
while i was down to a few sisters at the end of the game, i had all my tanks still and faces a wounded Wolf Priest and Rune Priest pulling off a 4-3 victory

All in all quite fun; there wasn’t alot of 7th frustrations and even facing a Hive Tyrant, my sisters stil lhad a chance of doing something while in 7th you’d often not bother with some units as they had no chance.

The next outing is in two weeks where we move to 75 Power.. i’m hoping to get Celestine on the table πŸ™‚

As always, many thanks and Have Fun!

8th edition

Welcome back!

i managed to get my first game of 8th edition in this weekend against Rookie and thought i’d stick some thoughts down

i like the new deployment; WHFB always did this and gives some extra depth to just plonking things down

i think tanks have had both a buff and a nerf; while they are alot more survivable but they are easily neutered; i had a tank assaulted by a mob of Wulfen and while they didn’t outright kill it in one (which would have happened in 7th) it had to drive away and then couldn’t shoot!

talking of which, Wulfen have what used to be Feel No Pain but in this edition there’s no Instant Death so they are remarkably resilient, just like characters in general

the combat phase is very interesting; using Command Points to interrupt fight sequences, chargers attacking first add up; it’s worth assaulting with several units at once and not piecemeal!

but not getting +1A for charging makes a difference; getting charged isn’t such a wipe, nor is assaulting so disastrous for melee focused armies

i’ll finish with a note on Celestine.
With her Act Of Faith, you can add a Gemini Bodyguard, then use the Army Act Of Faith to heal Celestine D6 wounds and then in the movement phase add another Gemini!
on top of her resurrection on a 2+, using a Command Point to reroll if you fail i can see her in every single Sororitas force!

all in all i enjoyed 8th edition and may have to get the sororitas finished; while their Acts of Faith render Flamer Spam less reliable, i see a slew of Storm Bolters (4 shots upto 12″)slotting into the basic squads

there’s alot more to 8th and the Sisters but i won’t bore you with an indepth breakdown!

Thanks to Rookie for hosting and thanks for reading.
Have Fun!