Happy New Year

Welcome to 2018!

don’t know about you but i don’t get alot of hobby-related gifts but thankfully i picked up a slew of stuff from Triple Helix Wargames including Calth, Prospero and Necromunda

I plan on playing them all with Hamish so started painting Burning of Prospero

as can be assumed from the title, you should paint Prospero as Space Wolves vs Thousand Sons .
i’m painting them as Blood Angels vs Emperors Children as both Calth and Prospero should give me a pair of 30k armies

as they’re mainly for use in the box games they’re quite standard paintjobs

i’ve gotta tidy up the bases and do squad markings but that’s not a priority.

I’ve started theLoyalist sides; Custodes and Sisters of Silence are quite straightforward paintjobs; the Sisters to match the ones i’ve already done for my Adeptus Sororitas

I also converted Geigor Fellhand to be a bit more Blood Angels; basically replacing his top half from some bits off the Blood Angels Upgrade Sprue

While i wait for some shoulderpads to arrive for the blood angel infantry, i’ve assembled Calth and Prospero

2500pts of Emperors Children

3500pts of Blood Angels

I also continued with Blood Bowl stuff, assembling some Goblins; just need a pair of Trolls and i’m undercoating the Box Orcs to give me something to get on with.

I picked up the new Necromunda Underhive boxed game; i’m iunimpressed iwth the rules, both mechanics and book issues (terrible layout and god knows why it was split into two books)

neverless, i’ve assembled the gangs and i’ve started painting the Escher.

Finally, i’ve finished the Curiosity Killed The Cat box set and the addtional figures ordered on Black Friday

i’m hoping to try out some Malifaux this year; possibly going to tournaments is the way forward as there”s no local interest

Candy was painted up to match and the Cat Herders deliberatley darker colours.

a slew of Cats; they’re basic but don’t spend alot of time on the table!

thanks for reading; i hope you enjoyed the Festive Period and have a new year full of games… Have Fun!

Unproductive week…

…well, comparatively!

Welcome back. This week i’ve not actually got anything painted to show you but i’ve got plenty of assembling done

I’m still working on the Pop-Up Terrain, tackling the biggest set, the Viking Village

While hte huts are nice (and the sides fold up to allow minis inside) the main hall is far too big and has an absolute nightmare of a table to glue

that said, i need some half-sized sections, as demonstrated On Stream; Hamish’s table is a 2’x4′

We also managed to assemble the Fish Shack and the Shops;

Great little pieces with some real attention to detail (such as the cauldron in the Potion Shop)

I do need to start looking into weighing the floor sections down; only have The Engineworks to go before i get the Halfling sections printed…

As i’m inbetween projects at the moment i started the backlog by assembling some Sisters of Silence to join my Adeptus Sororitasi’ve got a copy of Prospero coming so will boost a squad upto ten

as i’ve been iching to paint the Pilot Orc from the Model Box i began assembling my new GorkaMorka mob.. they maybe loosely inspired by a film francise…

alas they’ll be more identifiable once painted.

Talking of which, a long term project is close to completion…

i know i said no painted stuff this time but oh well…

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Model Box: Cowboys

welcome back!

i received this months Model Box and thought i’d bung a post up about it πŸ™‚

Models wise i received a miniature from Dead Mans Hand, some OutlawsΒ  and a great miniature from Wild West Exodus, who has jumped onto the painting table!

There was a couple of themed paints in there, but i’d have liked a brush or something interesting…

along with fliers for various companies, i was pleased to receive some terrain!

all in all, about Β£30 worth of stuff so a net gain this month; i’m looking forward to assembling the terain; my first MDF piece

In addition i thought i’d show i’ve started painting the 30k Blood Angels; the lighting isn’t great so the highlighting is lost but it’s there!

it’s getting hot in here

so painting becomes difficult!

that said, i managed to complete the Blood Angels Character army and even decided on basing; i went with Astrogranite with a Nuln Oil ink as both are rather large pots πŸ™‚

i’m quite happy with them and the small amounts of red have motivated me to paint the Contemptors as i find red rather peaceful to paint

while i don’t have a picture of the 40k army, it’s almost assembled and about 2000pts in 8th / 100pwr

i have started undercoating the Contemptor Army but all my larger brushes have died and i gotta go brush shopping; i’m struggling to find a brand i like and can afford!

finally, i managed to get two wrestlers from Rumbleslam done; their flesh looks a bit flat in the pictures but they’re quite subtley blended and i’m rather pleased with them πŸ™‚

one more pixie and that’s the minimum team done; i’ve got a few more models to do though so stay tuned!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Over Saturation (of projects)

That’s a bit of a turn up for the books; after Last week talking about starting a slow-go project of painting some Rumbleslam a heat wave in the UK squashed that attempt; paint was drying on the brush before hitting the miniature!
i guess i’ll have to experiment with these wet-palette thingys!

That said, this week i’ve almost finished assembling the Blood Angels 30k army and made progress on the 40k8 army

i’m waiting for the Forgeworld Techmarines and a trade for a pair of Cataphractii to finish the army
i’ve not gone over the top with bling on these guys, keeping the iconography quite subdued; just a name on each dreadnought and the odd blood drop!

of course, this means my Blood Angel collection is getting quite substantial

this is, left to right, 40k Blood Angels Armour Army (each squad is a different armour mark; aiming for a company), the Blood Angels Character Army (1500pts of special characters!) and then the 30k Contemptor army (which i just realised can be run as Fury of the Ancients formation)

i also used a spare heresy marine to test out a paint scheme


quite subdued, but red is easy to blend and quite relaxing πŸ™‚
of course, i gotta start deciding basing as i want all three armys to match

i’l finish with a look at the Baal Predator; i got this in a trade and he was quite “battle damaged”

next to try and fix his tracks!

now the rain is setting in i’m hoping to get back to painting amazonian skintones and converting up the characters for the 30k force

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Something New

I often surprise people by chewing through army projects; i have a fast turn around and often have my army list planned close to the start of a project; there’s the old saying “an army is never finished” but i beg to differ!

i’m often thinking and collecting stuff for my next project, for example, when i finished the Iron Warriors recently i knew i wanted to do a Blood Angels force for 30k!

That said, while i’ve been having fun gluing miniatures together, i decided to do something different; i’m going to paint some miniatures for Rumbleslam, a wrestling themed game by TTCombat

these minaitures are gorgeous; slight amount of cleaning up required but not alot πŸ™‚

i’m also going to take my time; slow down and get them looking good, rather than my usual tabletop standard!

the treeman has some great details and i’ve used a variety of different browns to hopefully help him blend wit hthe exposed flesh of the rest of the team
the Sprite, however, i went for a very pale fleshtone; the studio paintjob is green but again, having the crew look cohesive is important to me!

debating some freehand on the pair of them but i’m happy enough with them as is!

also, Blood Angels!

cheers and Have Fun!

For Russ!

I promised a follow up once the Space Wolves were done and here they are!

all 2000points completed!

The Space Wolves are an army conversion; i’d originally built them for 40k but they didn’t do very well (infact i don’t think they won a single game!) and so i reworked them int oa 30k force

Originally i’d removed alot of the Space Wolf Icons and bits; in 2nd edition 40k the Space Wolves were pretty much like the generic space marines and i still beleive you should mix 1 Space Wolf sprue per 3 normal sprues!

anyway, adding Heresy arms and helmets helped fit them into the 30k aesthetic and i think they’re just wolfy enough as the Space Wolves hadn’t gone all wolf-wolf-wolf-wolf by then!


Space Wolf armies need 1 character per 1000points and so Geigor was a natural choice and the Calth Chaplain with some convering work fits as a centurion and is possibly my favourite model in the force
The two priests are kit bashes but i doubt will get much play time!

after what i said about not too much wolf bits i went all out with the Veteran squad; both in weaponry and in wolf bits; these guys are elites and designed to inflict terror into opponents!

Thankfully the army is now done and i can sell them on and start work on something different!

Thanks for reading and have fun!

a productive week!

That was unexpected!
While asking the guys if anyone’d be interested in joining this little gathering i hadn’t expected such a response!
i have to thank Alhaus, Rookie and Dionzi for their time and input; i love reading what people are doing!

For my own submission i thought i’d do something i plan on covering a bit more; techniques and guides! as the Iron Warriors are close to complete i’ve been doing some squad markings.

While Horus Heresy armies aren’t quite so rigid with squad markings, there are a few suggestions in the Forgeworld Black Books and only a few transfers.
this, combined with the fact i hate using transfers, mean i tend to do alot of my markings freehand and many poeple comment on how hard it is to do, while in effect, it comes down to painting lines!

i recommend the plan out the marking you want to do; i ted to sketch it onto my workpad before i start!
while the pictures are presented without explaination, it’s quite straightforward and by doing a squad at a time, by the time the last guy is done, the first is ready for the next step!

i may have missed a step and they’re not all identical but i think they work enough for a tabletop quality!

while the Iron Warriors are nearly complete (5 more breachers) i had an order turn up, so the Space Wolves are going to get my focus this week and next week i’ll go into collecting and building the army

thanks for reading and thanks to the guys for writing… remember, Have Fun!