Project Begin

Welcome back!

As we finished a few projects last time i started a fresh project

with the addition of a rhino that’s 1500pts of Death Guard!
so it’ll be a bit to get it assembled but then it’s be fun to revisit Death Guard

In addition i dug out the copy of Super Dungeon Explore to try with Hamish.. once i finish it…

I did a couple more minis for Curiosity Killed The Cat; Candy had a cat’s head added to her basket and Cade got a cat onsie!

in addition we completed the Blood Angels to finish the 30k to 40k force conversion

they’re waiting to have bases inked and we’re ready to find 40k tournaments…

finally i painted a model from the Model Box for Banzi Painting Contest

quite a subtle miniature; many people are doing dioramas so went subtle

quitea quiet one this week but hopefully i’ll have the Deathguard assembled and started to undercoat!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

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