Pop Up Terrain

Welcome back!

a long, long time ago* i backed a project on Kickstarter called Pop-Up Miniature Terrain, finding myself amused by the thought of foldable terrain

I was impressed with the quality of the prints (having ordered physical copies of the Sepia versions and the full-colour PDFs) but was daunted by the time it looked like each would take to assemble.

i found myself at a loose end this weekend and managed to assemble the first one, The Gazebo.

while other epople assembling them have used markers to black out the edges i left mine, mainly to see what it looks like.

An hour and a half’s worth of work it folds almost flat and has some great details

i’m not a fan of the roof but it does have advantages

that ogre is an oldhammer metal ogre and weighs quite a bit!

all in all a nice kit so if i get chance (this sunday is Fate Of Konor round 2) i may try the next building in the set 🙂

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

*i can still remember


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