Dionzi’s Trots

Ages ago, before epochs were invented, I was handed “Brewhouse Bash” from White Dwarf 223 (I think) and the second edition Eldar codex.  I was hooked. Then I learned about Space Wolves and Dark Angels, and later the Inquisition, and discovered that being a financially responsible person and wargaming just didn’t work! Over the next little while I’ll be posting about my escapades into creating kill teams and 3D models for stories to be based upon.  Photos will be sporadic, but I’ll do my best to show you what I’m working on! I sculpt and build individual models and retinues based in the venerable RPG Inquisitor story world, in both 54mm and, more recently, Inq28.

With the advent of Shadow War: Armageddon, I am breaking my wallet open again and finagling a couple of kill teams.  I’m borrowing my Gorkamorka Ork mob for one (my spanner boys actually have spanners! Mind you, they’ll probably end up as yoofs), and resurrecting bits of my Space Marine collection to make a scout kill team: two classic metal snipers (and their Catachan sniper little brother – not sure what I’ll do with him), two shotguns (one of my most favourite models in the entire range), a melee bloke, and Sgt. Naaman from the Dark Angels.  I’m planning on getting Vet. Sgt. Telion as well, but I have a preference for metal minis, and Telion in metal costs as much as a Codex. *Sigh* I also have a small horde of Eldar (new plastic Dire Avengers with 2nd Ed shuriken catapaults, yay!) that I can fool around with.

I’m not all that chuffed with painting minis, and over the last 20 years my eyesight has gotten worse and my hands shake. Hopefully they’ll both calm down soon!  My current project is an Ordo Malleus bloke, Inquisitor Allon _(insert surname here)__.  Gold armour, an incinerator, warding staff, storm bolter with scope, you know. An open, warm, inspirational character who happens to count as a Justicar in SW:A!

If you have an idea for a surname for this fellow, be sure to comment!

Also if you have metal Space Marine Scouts with bolters and heavy weapons to part with. The new plastics are awful.

With good fortune, more soon,

  • Dio.

Rookie Intro

First off I should point out that I started out a VERY long time ago as a role player and boardgamer rather than a war gamer. I gradually progressed from Fighting Fantasy to D&D, into WH fantasy role play, CoC, Bloodbowl, Traveler…..pretty much the lot.
I left for WoW ( boo and hiss and throw rotten fruit here) and picked up Wargaming less than 3 years ago.

I was really scared of painting, like REALLY scared. I actually started out buying prepainted armies but in the end decided I had to give painting a go.

Turns out the web advice is really good nowadays (who knew) and so figured I’d start to share my experiences……so here I am RookiePainter

So here we go…….

Kickstarter: Devils Run – Reapers Revenge
Given my background then boardgaming Kickstarters are a fairly obvious addiction. A friend introduced me a while ago and I’ve been seriously hooked since.
Reapers Revenge isn’t actually a Kickstarter but it’s the prequel to Devils Run, a madman style post apocalyptic petrol headed super shiny and fully glorious 5000dc beast of a game
Always wanted to give Carwars a try (I’m sure I remember a Jackson / Livingston game…maybe I’m mixing up wit the game book) and I still dream of a 40k Ork Warboys conversion (Chrome!!!!). This more than does in the meantime.

So firstly the figures are small which really worried me, the bikes are literally tiny.
Game is split into factions so in this box you get a Knights of the Round table type team and a Hunters team, very much in the flavour of Mad Max.
I decided to go red and blue for the factions to align with card graphics.
As I’m not much of a painter I rely on a strong even base, which I airbrush and then lots of washing and dry brush. The worn look of the game suits my style.
I can’t paint details so small so cheated by using some 40k decals.
I think the results are pretty cool and the painting matches the game flavour and cards which is important, anyway some before and after shots here……looking forward to the full game…..

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Like Gav I have a plethora of projects on the go (perhaps even more!) I like to switch back and forth between various things so as not to get bored with a single project and never finish it.

So, for this random Wednesday I thought id show off the Magnus the Red I have recently finished for the Thousand Sons.
I thought i’d play up “the red” a bit with his skin as oppose the purply-pinky box art style. I also removed the nipple horns as I wasn’t a fan of them and Gav kindly sculpted some nipple skulls instead.

He was a fun model to paint, even if I probably won’t be using him in many games. Though with 8th edition 40k on the way he might be more acceptable to take!

Okey dokey lokey, that’s this weeks random Wednesday, I’ll try and add more content when i get going properly with them 🙂


Restarting the restart

Welcome all to the fresh restart of my attempt at Blogging!

While Alhaus has contributed, being without a gaming club gives me extra incentive to produce more content!

Like most gamers i’ve got a multitude of projects on the go at once, luckily i tend to have defined goals and a high turn over so can finish projects; unlike the adage “an army is never done” mine often get completed.
I hope to post Mondays and Thursdays just snippets of what i’ve completed; hopefully I can pursuade Alhaus to post Wednesdays to get some regular content going.

On that note, I’ve just finished an Imperial Guard army commission and picked my 30k Iron Warriors up; they’re close to complete to ease me into taking pictures and writing content before the next project (either Blood Angels Foot Slogging army or a 30k Dreadnought army)

The Iron Warriors were going to be very typical; oily metals and weathing all over but i found an excelleny silver primer called “silver wheels” which is delightfully bright; this giving a contrast to many Iron Warriors forces!

I was lucky to grab some classic rhinos and two Calth sets for an easy 3000points!

I’ll finish with a picture of the Primarch Purterabo himself; a resculpt of his leg to remove the odd base he comes with and a magnet in the wrist to allow removal of the giant hammer and he’s good to lead the force!

I’ll finish this post by saying thanks for reading and i hope that you’ll be back for Thursdays post when i’ll have some closeups of some rank and file!

Have Fun!


Alhaus’ Thousand Sons Project

So several people at my local(ish) club have decided to start collecting Space Wolves and i decided to jump on the band wagon…. and do some Thousand Sons… (plus i already have space wolves 😛 )tsHaving just completed a test paint on some Rubric marines and deeming them to be table top acceptable i’m happy to go ahead and start!


Now its just a case of deciding which squad to start on…


Just a Test

Welcome gamers to this, my first Blog Post!

I’ve had a few forum posts and the like so thought the guys at Wargaming @ Radstock may like to try paint alongs and write scribbles about The Hobby and The Interwebs may like to read ’em (or atleast look at the pictures!)

To start things off, a slight history. I’m “greenstuff” Gav and am lucky to have been one of W@Rs founding members when we first used to meet in a pub in Frome called The Packhorse.

I’ve gamed for twenty years and tried many systems and have worked for a few miniatures companies.

While converting is by far my favourite aspect of the hobby, i like the social aspect of getting together with other gamers and rolling some dice!

My favourite game is Games Workshops’ Inquisitor; a larger scale more roleplay-esk game, giving room to be creative with rules and backgrounds and develop your own characters.
A close second is Wyrd Miniatures’ Malifaux; i love the aesthetic of the artwork and miniatures as well as how unusual the system itself is.

i’ll finish up with my latest painting commission (i’m not great but i paint for fun!); the Eldar Phoenix Lords!

Gav - Phoenix Lords

Hopefully i can wrangle the guys into writing more stuffs and, atleast, get plenty of pictures of Toy Soldiers!

thanks for reading and, have fun!