Model Box: Twisted History

Welcome back!
This week we have this months’ Model Box, covering Twisted History

A good box this month; glad to get a new brush to try and a nice ecletic mix of miniatures!

we have Lucid Eye from Savage Core (Warlord Games seems to be discontinuing alot these days) which is a nice if bland sculpt

That said we have Black Jack from Secrets of the Third Reich who is the opposite; full of character and details but not interesting at all

We have an orc from Panzerfauste (who i can’t seem to find in their store); this is the best part about Model Box; miniatures i’ve not seen or heard of (i’m tempted by their Dads Army; Orc edition!)

finally we have a nice scenic base from Microart Studio; it’s a bit Infinity-esk but clean sculpt and nice cast.

Apart from the paints and brush i see myself doing a mini-diorama for the Painting Contest which should be fun

all in all good value for money this month and most of which i’m looking forward to painting

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!

One thought on “Model Box: Twisted History”

  1. I’ve seen Rosemary and Co. brushes mentioned in Sorastro’s painting videos. Given how much I like most of his painting tips and work I did think about seeking some out. You will have to let us know how that one works out for you.

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