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I nearly missed this update as i’ve not been to productive this week, mainly gluing figures together!

While the 8th edition army isn’t much to look at, the 7th edition special character army is almost done!

i’ve hit the point where i need to do some basing, but i find it really boring; i’ve completed many, many armies and each has their own basing technique so i thought i’d show some examples of what i have to choose from

Both the Marines and Escher have the same method; sand glued into place.
The marines are from a Blood Angels Successor army; simply large sand glued onto the bases; while it adds some contrast, i think it looks a bit lackluster and is prone to “shedding”
the Escher, from my Sororitas army, have had grey sand and then inked to dull the colour down; i like the effect but it has the same issues of shedding!

Both the Space Wolves and the Iron Warriors feature the same technique; cork glued onto bases, but finished differently; the Iron Warriors were undercoated and then painted with markings to give the impression of broken up roads, while the Space Wolves have been left unpainted and then sand added for more a more rock-like style

The Lamenters army was something completley different; a mini-diorama was made inside their case and the dreadnoughts magnetised in place; this took alot more planning and work and while looks coherant, isn’t really viable for larger forces!

finally we have the Crimson Fists and Imperial Guard armies; same technique, textured paint with an ink (Devlan Mud and Nuln Oil); quite simple and quite effective; the inks help change the tone of the base to something more appropriate

i’m leaning toward the textured paint just for ease and especially as i’ve got a large pot of Astrogranite to use up…

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!


Something New

I often surprise people by chewing through army projects; i have a fast turn around and often have my army list planned close to the start of a project; there’s the old saying “an army is never finished” but i beg to differ!

i’m often thinking and collecting stuff for my next project, for example, when i finished the Iron Warriors recently i knew i wanted to do a Blood Angels force for 30k!

That said, while i’ve been having fun gluing miniatures together, i decided to do something different; i’m going to paint some miniatures for Rumbleslam, a wrestling themed game by TTCombat

these minaitures are gorgeous; slight amount of cleaning up required but not alot 🙂

i’m also going to take my time; slow down and get them looking good, rather than my usual tabletop standard!

the treeman has some great details and i’ve used a variety of different browns to hopefully help him blend wit hthe exposed flesh of the rest of the team
the Sprite, however, i went for a very pale fleshtone; the studio paintjob is green but again, having the crew look cohesive is important to me!

debating some freehand on the pair of them but i’m happy enough with them as is!

also, Blood Angels!

cheers and Have Fun!

Just a Test

Welcome gamers to this, my first Blog Post!

I’ve had a few forum posts and the like so thought the guys at Wargaming @ Radstock may like to try paint alongs and write scribbles about The Hobby and The Interwebs may like to read ’em (or atleast look at the pictures!)

To start things off, a slight history. I’m “greenstuff” Gav and am lucky to have been one of W@Rs founding members when we first used to meet in a pub in Frome called The Packhorse.

I’ve gamed for twenty years and tried many systems and have worked for a few miniatures companies.

While converting is by far my favourite aspect of the hobby, i like the social aspect of getting together with other gamers and rolling some dice!

My favourite game is Games Workshops’ Inquisitor; a larger scale more roleplay-esk game, giving room to be creative with rules and backgrounds and develop your own characters.
A close second is Wyrd Miniatures’ Malifaux; i love the aesthetic of the artwork and miniatures as well as how unusual the system itself is.

i’ll finish up with my latest painting commission (i’m not great but i paint for fun!); the Eldar Phoenix Lords!

Gav - Phoenix Lords

Hopefully i can wrangle the guys into writing more stuffs and, atleast, get plenty of pictures of Toy Soldiers!

thanks for reading and, have fun!