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With the release of warhammer 40k 8th edition the gaming club is running a “Tale of Warlords” paint along.  A lot of people are starting new armies for 8th and the idea is that each month we buy and paint a little bit. Month one was a “Get started” box and month two is an HQ and Elites choice.
As i already have a plethora of armies for 40k, i thought i’d redo an old army instead of starting a whole new one.
For a long time I’ve been wanting to redo my Black Templars army so i decided that this would be a good opportunity to revisit them.
I’ve had Black Templars since the old Armageddon worldwide summer campaign that games workshop ran back in 3rd edition (2001?) and in that edition they were well over 5000 points!

I started by picking up the Dark Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad and using the Black Templars chapter upgrade set instead of the Dark angels upgrade sprue to make a new crusader squad and a Rhino.

The Crusader Squad is almost complete, with just 2 marines and basing to finish. This will be more of a fire support squad and when i add two more squads they will be armed with a more fitting close combat load out.
Although Black Templars can technically get devastators and all the other units normal space marines can (barring Librarians), i want to stick with a more “traditional” set up for them, so only taking the units they used to be able to take before they lost their uniqueness and became just “Black armoured space marines”
To this end they’ll also be taking an Emperors champion in every game, as seems fitting for them and the army will be mostly close combat orientated.

This is an army i’m really looking forward to playing again, as i haven’t played them since they were rolled in to the normal marine codex and I’ve had them for nearly 16 years!


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