Model Box: Banzai

Welcome back!

As Alhaus is off this week (his Birfday) i thought we’d look at this months Model Box, themed around Banzai

Some not bad miniatures in this one and, had i not shifted all my Ten Thunder Miniatures, quite an interesting selection!

From Bad Squiddo Games (makers of great female miniatures) an Onna-Bugeisha Champion.. while not intricate detail, a great sculpt and would look good painted up andcertainly my favourite of the poses!

We follow up with Test Of Honour from Warlord Games specifically the Bandits Swordsmen

i may crack open the guy on the left as i think he’d be fun to paint; the lower guy has some casting issues (discolouring and rough texture) possibly from reusing metal but we’ll see how he undercoats!

We follow up with a Bushido miniature, Takashi Samurai.

while the usual good quality casting, that sword is going to be a sod to fix and on the whole, an uninteresting miniature to me.

we finish up with some neat terrain from TT Combat, specifically their Eastern Accessories blister.

again, i’ve got shot of my Ten Thunders but this pack will go well with a mould i’ve made of Laughing Buddha statues and a JJD Terrain Samurai House i’ve got knocking about should i need an Oriental display board!

specifically, this month is a bonus financewise, and i’m looking forward to painting the Test Of Honour guys!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Prospero Burns!

well, it will do soon

welcome back; i hope we are all geared up for Hogswatch and we get plenty of hobby related goodies!

i shifted a ton of stuff to Triple Helix Wargames recently, infact enough to buy myself Betrayal At Calth and Burning of Prospero, the Plan© is to paint each as Blood Angels and Emperors Children; the games can be played and the miniatures turned into armies with less effort.

while i’ve done Calths marines a few times i thought i’d start with Prospero; the characters offering some conversion possibilities.

I did start with the Custodes and Sisters first as they’re fairly stock miniatures…

nuffin really to write home about other’n a pack of posability still surprises me…

following on from that, i rebuilt Greigor Fell-Hand with some Blood Angel bits

he should be quite identifiable for the box game as i’m running Blood Angels in 30k

Ahriman was a bit more straightforward;

a head swap (his own and the staff); i plan on eagle wings to replace the dangling sun icons; i’m making a mould of some eagle details for the rank and file marines and may see how i can work it into his armour.

on the painting front i’ve only really finished the Ailuromaniacs for Curiosity Killed The Cat

again; still waiting for dirtying up but i’ve got to paint Lady Abernathy first!

that’s about it; i’m still playing Bloodbowl (and the Solo League is kicking my arse!) where we’re on the run up to Hogswatch so we’ll be quiet until i can get some time off!

Anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Better late than never!

as after some updates i was unable to login!
thankfully owning the domain helped a bit

That said, i’ve not really got alot to show; i’ve been paint stripping and reassembling some Chaos Marine stuff; turns out i’ve nearly got 1500pts as is…

i’m still painting Curiosity Killed The Cat; managing to paint all the Ally Cats / Malifaux Rats.
You’re supposed to put some on the base for Mrs Abernathy but with my custom bases there’s not alot of room.
Plus with Hamelin you need alot of rats / cats so i’ve based them up individually
not terribly exciting but some tiny tiny miniatures there; may need to go back and do some gap filling…

Following on, i’m hoping to pick up Betrayal At Calth this weekend so got The Blood Angels moving again with some left over Assault Marines from a previous project

nothing too interesting to write about there but i do need to find some examples of 30k squad markings…

Talking of old projects i’ve been playing Dionzi at Bloodbowl2 and picked up the tabletop version again

these guys are really uninspiring so i’m finding them hard work.
i do plan, once they’re all done, is make some dirty inks to dull down the metals somewhat; i loved GWs Armour Wash (Grey) and Flesh Wash (browny-green) for some amazing ink effects!

Finally, Hogswatch is on it’s way so i’ve been doing something festive as a bit of a laugh

Mrs H from Hasslefree and Boris from Heresy, photography by a muppet.

Nonetheless, we should have a Model Box for next week or i might get some more of the Malifaux stuff done; they’ll want some of the dirty inks as well and i like to do things in batches!

Thanks for reading and Have Fun!


Curiosity Killed The Cat

and almost me!

welcome back! this week has been another one that’s slow but for a different reason; i bought some “Nightmare” edition Malifaux miniatures and nightmare is accurate!

it’s a crazy cat lady and a horde of cats.. some of which with separate legs a couple of mm long!

that said, the malifaux minis have some great details; i’m not sure my paintwork does them justice.. for example here’s The Dutiful Son

his tattoos are a good colour but not intricate enough for my liking!

same with the first Ailuromaniac; some gorgeous sculpt there but i think the difficulty in assembly really has hampered my ability to paint!

that said i’m happyish with Schrodinger and his box; shame the posing it’s great; not a fan of the tail passing through his own (rotting) body

moving on, i’m looking into Shadespire so thought i’d paint a random undead mini from The Box©; settling on Krell

i need to try mix up some inks for more rust effects; GWs Armour Wash (grey) and Flesh Wash (brownish) made a great greenish ink!

i also did some more minis for a Execution Force set, Emperors CHildren to match my 30k force!

i’ve still got a ton of cats to paint so expect more Malifaux fora while yet.. hopefully playing Warhammer Quest with Hamish tomorrow!

anyway, thanks for reading and Have Fun!