Model Box: Orctober!

Welcome back!

It’s (almost) the last day of the month but we have this months’ Model Box; themed around Orcs

Not a bad haul this month, if a little light value-wise

We received one of Kromlechs’ Orc Pilots, a great mini and i think the new Spanner for a Gorkamorka Mob i have planned…

We also received a mini from Atlantis Miniatures, who have some great (if a bit WOW-esk) figures.
This one is the Orc Claws which is a great miniature but uninspiring.

They’re odd scales too; here they pose with an orc from Brewhouse Bash…

There was the usual two paints and a Limited Edition Zombie Hand Trophy which may go onto an orc-themed terrain peice…
The lasercut Combat Gauge is interesting; i know Warhmachine have used these for ages, Spartan had their own and GW have recently made a couple so i’ll give it a go…

Like i say, value-wise it’s not too great a box this month but i see plenty of uses out of it and look forward to painting the Pilot 🙂

In other news i’ve been doing some more pop-up terrain however the Forest has alot of cutting out to do…

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Not had much time to paint this week due to my new PC arriving, but i have managed to finish the predator for the Black Templars.

I also re-based my old Emperors champion but he is still in the original paint scheme as i didn’t want to risk stripping him back. As he’s only going to be one model amongst the army he shouldn’t stand out too bad.
I changed this list up yet again, this time adding an attack bike and moving the land raider to month 5, once the bike is complete month 4 shall finally be done! only about a month and a half behind schedule!

Next week i might also paint up some Primaris Ultramarines or even do a few more Tyranids. With their codex due out next month it’d be nice to get some painted gribblies on the table.


What a week!

Welcome back!
what a week that was, i played Bloodbowl on Twitch, Jason wrote that excellent battle report and Newbie dropped off a joint Forgeworld order we made

Bloodbowl was fun, despite a few technical issues to start with but Hamish wasn’t enamoured; hopefully i can convince him to try some more 🙂

on the hobby front i assembled some more Pop-Up Terrain managing three (well two) more pieces

If i can get another piece done it’s about three foot square coverage, enough to play Malifaux

the Shubbery was quite straightforward and is good for breaking up charge lines

however the Graveyard was fiddly and doesn’t really fold that well

plus has some crazy small bits to cut out!

i think i’d have cut the raised section to be lower myself.

Ontop of this, i’ve decided to try and get to The Mother Of Mercy, an Inquisitor event in Nottingham.
While i have a wide range of crews, i’ve decided to do something with a large collection of Preacher Josefs in my For Sale box.

So out came the greenstuff and a pair of incomplete Josef (and a stock Josef) for a new crew

part of the challenge being to make each miniature look moderatley unique…

The Master of Verse and Keeper of Keys, mostley converted, some tidying up to do on them.

Hopefully i can get them painted up next as i’ve got a pile of shiny 30k minatures to paint now…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Something a little different this week. Last Sunday i played a game of warhammer 6th edition at the club as we all prefer it over 8th. It was a small 1000 points test game as neither of us had played it for many years and we did forget a few things, mainly that frenzied troops HAD to charge in this edition and couldn’t test to restrain.

I was using my vampire counts army and my opponent was using savage orcs. Unfortunately i forget to get pics of the setup! but i was using a Necromancer, Wight king, a unit of skeletons with hand weapon and shield, a unit of skeletons with spears and a unit of 3 spirit hosts. It was a bit of a random selection as i wanted to see how each unit played, and since it was a test game it made sense.
My opponent had an orc mage, 2 units of savage orcs, 3 trolls  and a unit of orc boar boyz.
The main weapon for undead in this edition was fear, as it works a lot better and different than fear in 8th edition. Unfortunately, all the savage orcs are frenzied, meaning that they were immune to psychology until they lost a combat!

I won the roll off for first turn and very slowly shambled forwards. My Necromancer used invocation of Nehek to create a unit of zombies infront of the trolls. My plan was to try and tempt them to charge the zombies and lure then out of position, where i could then charge them with my spooky ghosts. As they are ethereal and the trolls had no magic weapons they were immune to them. Also the trolls were the only thing in the army not immune to psychology, meaning that all i had to do was kill one troll and they would break automatically if they lost the combat due to losing to a fear causing enemy.

In my opponents turn the trolls took the bait and charged! Annoyingly i hadn’t realised that trolls cause fear, so were completely immune to my plan! Also when the orcs marched up next to him, it turned out they hadn’t really been pulled out of position. Still, the zombies were a free road block so i wasn’t too bothered about losing them!

Luckily for me the trolls didn’t do too well with their attacks, needing 3+ to hit and 2 + to kill they only managed to squish 2 zombies! in return the zombies did 2  wounds to the trolls, which my opponent only managed to save 1 of with their regeneration. With the resulting combat res causing me to only lose 1 more zombie the trolls were now tar pitted for a turn.

For the start of my second turn i moved the ghosts up to block the other unit of savage orcs which allowed me to turn my skeletons with spears to face the flanking boar boyz.

My plan was to use invocation of Nehek to add more zombies to the unit against the trolls, which would hopefully keep them held up longer. Unfortunately the attempt was dispelled and this time the trolls munched the zombies for nothing in return.

My opponents second turn started with one of his units failing animosity and squabbling in front of my ghosts. The now free trolls however did manage to successfully charge in to my lords skeleton bunker.

Despite the skeletons striking last they managed to take few casualties due to swords and shields in this edition giving you +1 to your save rolls, meaning that i still had a 6+ save against the trolls strength of 5. I made 3 out of 4! these were lucky skeletons!  in return they killed a troll, which made them run. The skeletons pursued and ran them down, over running straight in to the orcs behind them.

A the start of my next turn, i charge my other skeleton unit in to the boar boyz who had attempted to charge them but failed and my ghosts went in to the other unit of orcs.

In my magic phase i again attempted to cast invocation to bolster the Necromancers skeleton unit, but due to a low roll it was easily dispelled. One of the key differences in this edition is that charging units get to attack first, meaning that the undead’s low initiative wasn’t such a draw back (well, except zombies who still go last even if charging!) which meant that my skeletons and wight lord struck first. The skeletons managed to kill one boar boy and the wight king another 3. The orcs in return munched quite a few skeletons however and caused more to crumble in the ensuing combat res.

The ghosts attacking the other orc unit managed to win the combat by killing 5 orcs and due to the orcs not having magic weapons took nothing in return. The orcs ran and the ghosts promptly flew after them, running them down.
My other skeleton unit did no casualties to the orcs, but, despite being frenzied the orcs also failed to do any casualties. The skeletons won but simply outnumbering the their enemies and because in this edition being outnumbered by a fear causing enemy means you automatically break if you lose combat ran away! The skeletons pursed by were not able to catch them.

My opponents next turn simply began with him rallying the unit, while in his magic phase the orc shaman fried some skeletons with weird green stuff, killing 12!

The boar boyz continued to hack away at the skeletons and due to some bad rolling on the orcs part and lucky rolling on the undead part only one skeleton fell. In retaliation the skeletons and wight lord killed 3 boars, who decided that enough was enough and turned to flee. The skeletons tried to run after them but were not able to catch them.

For the last turn, my spirit hosts managed to charge in to the flank of the orcs whilst my skeletons and necromancer charge the front. For my magic i maned to replenish the skeletons with a good invocation, bringing them back up to 17.
The following combat saw the orcs killing a few of those skeletons while in return taking a more casualties. That and being charged in the flank and out numbered by undead caused them to run off the board. With the only remaining orc unit on the filed being the fleeing boar boyz we decided it was an undead victory.

Having not played the game for some time we did make a few rules mistakes but overall we both enjoyed and preferred it to games of 8th edition and plan on playing it more regularly instead. I think i won his game more through luck than anything else but i really enjoyed playing with my undead army again. It feels and plays a lot different than 8th and with magic not being so random you don’t get frustrated due to one phase of the game completely causing you to lose the game like it does in 8th.
Fear is a lot less useless in this edition and is probably one of the key undead weapons, what with the majority of their troops being slow and not having much damage output it becomes a case of grinding your opponent down and scaring him away! As a result though a skeleton with a spear, armour and shield costs 11 points in this edition! where as their only 5 points in 8th.

Bit of a long post this week, but thought i’d try something different!


I’m back! Bloodbowl Live!

yup, you read it right, this time i’m posting from the UK!

as we didn’t get back till late last week there’s not alot of hobby stuff for you this week i’m afraid

infact, i’ve only got one picture (shock horror!)

i’m looking at getting myself a Betrayal At Calth to play (i’ve had three copies before, each going into various 30k armies) and decided i’d do mine as Blood Angels and Emperors Children, so i grabbed a couple of suitable miniatures out of The Spare Bits Box and threw together some paint; while extras to the box game they’ll look cool alongside the force!

next week i’ll have some 54mm stuff to show and hopefully i’ll have made a start on the 30k Blood Angels (i’ve got an assault squad i’m assembling)

don’t forget, Tuesday 17-10-17 at 20:45 i’ll be playing Bloodbowl with Hamish The Polar Bear , live on Twitch!

hopefully i’ll see you there and as always, Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Finished the Whirlwind this week as well as reshuffled the army list a bit.

I moved the predator to month 4 so that i could also add an Emperors champion. As the Land raider is a heavy support option i decided to make it the month five choice instead. That will make the final list 111 power level, which means i still have 14 power points to spend on something. The rules are you must add something already in the army for making up spare points. I was thinking of adding a third dreadnought, which would bring me to 118, leaving me 7 power level but i’m not sure what to spend it on. I could afford a fourth dreadnought for that, but not sure if 4 dreadnoughts is too many!


Model Box: Rumbleslam!

As i’m writing this from sunny Corfu*, here’s a look into this months Model Box – themed around Rumbleslam!

I’ve done a bit of Rumbleslam! as of late, having completed an amazonian team and i must admit, am tempted with the starter set 🙂

Starting with the models themselves, i received the usual; skin-coloured paint from Foundry (i’ve still got to try these out!).

From Rumbleslam! itself we have The Brothers Berzerk, a tag team of rather chaos looking dudes but the usual fantastic casts and details the Rumbleslam! range contains.
Not sure if i’m gonna paint these guys or try and trade for someone aligned to the Forest faction.

We recieved a Linesman from Greebo Games who make a large quantity of fantasy sports figures.
while Bretonnians aren’t my thing he’d be an interesting model to paint, or perhaps i’m gonna donate him as a prize on Hamish’ stream.

following on from the great terrain, i’ve received a set of fencing / barricades; these would look cool arranged around an MDF ring so perhaps i’m going to have to invest in some more Rumbleslam! …

Money-wise we break about even; while the Greebo  miniature isn’t of interest i’m more than tempted to paint the rest up!
all in all a good box this month and i look forward to the next one.

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

*ok, i’m actually writing this the day before i went so sorry i missed last week!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Managed to finish the dread this week and have started on the whirlwind but this may take slightly longer due to my lack of enthusiasm for painting tanks!

Month 4 has technically ended but i have the whirlwind and land raider still to do, which will most likely take a while. Month five is a heavy support choice, and with my dislike of painting tanks i decided to get… a Predator… Though this does mean painting yet another tank they look quite good when fully painted up on the battlefield and it will add extra fire support whilst the marines advance. It’ll be armed as the old destructor variant, so heavy bolters and autocannon. This when combined with the land raider crusader should provide me with a decent anti-horde option.

In other random news whilst clearing stuff out i found my old Warhammer 6th edition rulebook as well as the 6th edition Skaven armybook. Some of us at the gaming club were considering picking up 6th edition as we all preferred it over 8th.
I don’t actually own a Skaven army, just the book but if we are picking up 6th i’m considering doing a Skaven army for it., i’m just not sure how i feel about painting soooo many rats! I have an old metal warlord which i may strip and do a test paint on during in the week. I’f i like painting him and he comes out tabletop standard then i’ll consider picking up more.