Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i’ve finished the Templars 3rd crusader squad and started work on the dread.

The dreadnought will be armed with a Twin lascannon and rocket launcher for fire support. I’ve also changed up the list for the month and dropped the company ancient and servitors in exchange for a whirlwind, which means painting another thank but again i need fire support. This makes more “stand back and shoot” units for the Templars, but i’m finding i need something to lay down covering fire whilst my assault units advance.

I also have my old limited edition Emperors champion who will be in the army but i’m not sure if i want to strip and repaint him as he’s varnished so i’m not sure how stripping it will go.

Short update this week, but things are progressing!


more randomness

Welcome back!

it’s been a bit of an unusual week this week; i’m off on my jollidays next week so i’ve been putting stuff together to post while i’m away and so haven’t got alot done!

as i’ve mentioned, when i’m back i’m going to be co-hosting Tabletop Tuesdays with Hamish The Polar Bear and i’ve been looking at different games to play.
i’m continuing with the Bloodbowl, but as the game peices will be more identifiable in their coloured plastic, i’ve been painting the Skaven

fairly generic colourscheme; greens and browns, dark shades.

as i’ve shown the assassins, i’ve started the Cultists for Execution Force; more fairly generic paint jobs but clear bases to see those board sections

mainly orange as a spot colour to help them stand out against the blues of the Assassins.

Hamish himself has bought Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and while i’m a big fan of the original WHQuest, i thought i’d paint up a Barbarian to play with Hamish’ copy

a slight conversion with the axe, but he was designed to go with a barbarian regiment i’ve been working on for a while.

perhaps the most ambitious of projects, i had some monopose orc boyz with shields knocking about and deicded to make me some models for Brewhouse Bash

having cut the shields off, i need to resculpt the details and they’ll work well as some bar-fighting boyz!

i’m hoping to make the board and tokens as well but atleast i’ve got White Dwarf 223 and the original peices still!

so, sorry for the short post this week; next week i’ll have this month’s Model Box to cover and that only leaves 1 post to work out while abroad 🙂

many thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Productive week so far. I painted an Ultramarine Gravis captain up while waiting for my month four models to arrive.

I also picked up a Primaris librarian but i wont be starting him until after the month four stuff is completed.

The models have arrived now and i am half way through the 3rd crusader squad for the Templars.
One of the problems I’ve been having in games with them is enemy psykers. As Black Templars cannot take librarians i have no defence against enemy psykers dishing out mortal wounds to my army and playing other shenanigans with them. There is a special stratagem for Templars which lets them deny an enemy psychic power on a 4 plus, but wasting a command point for a 50/50 chance wasn’t really appealing for me, especially as i can use the command points for other more important rolls.
My solution therefor was to ally in a Culexus Assassin!

While i could have allied in a friendly psyker, this seemed to fit the Black Templars theme more, given their disgust for the witch! This will also make it easier to eliminate enemy psykers altogether, whereas an allied psyker would only be helpful for denying the odd power.

The third crusader squad should be complete hopefully by the weekend and then i have a dreadnought, land raider, company ancient and some servitors to complete the next target!
The servitors have nothing but a combat knife, but they cost 1PL which will round me up to 100 and they allow Black Templars units to auto pass moral tests! Which will be handy as I’ve been finding the new moral system is quite painful for marines. Loosing half a squad means you will loose more marines on a 4+, which when your a small elite army is a much bigger problem than a large swarm army!

Once the squad is complete i think i’ll be starting on the dread, as i’m not fond of painting tanks and the land raider is a very big one!


A Touch of Random

Welcome back!

It’s been a bit hit and miss this week; i’m currently clearing out old projects and so have been flitting between projects while hammering Vidya Games.
That said, i do have miniatures related stuff to show, so in no particular order…

I did an Emperor’s Children marine for Inquisitor.
I’ve been running The First Founding Project for a while now, aiming to produce each of the Founding Legions in Inquisitor with viable background and stats; alot of Space Marines are “on a quest” and such an investment in time deserve alot more than that!
i’ve yet to do the full writeup for this guy but i think i’ve cracked his story 🙂

yup, each tray contains 2 54mm marines so i’m one short of 18!

Keeping with the Emperors’ Children i painted the Sorcerer from Execution Force; i went for Emperors Children mainly because i wanted to apint purple…

i also went for clear bases as the board sections are really nice and it’s a shame to cover them up…

Alongside i’ve been trying to source all the different assassin sculpts, mainly for a painting project; the alternate head for the Culexus is giving me trouble though but i’m still on the lookout.
I do have a proper Eversor now, that one was missing his head and while a simple conversion, i want full miniatures

Finally i’ve finished the basic Rumbleslam! team; i’ve got two more amazons and two more sprites to do but it’s a playable team.
Phage (the Elf) is technically a “Dark Elf” but i really don’t like the official paintjob. I may revisit her and make her paler and redo the hair black but atleast the crew is playable as is.

so, on the whole it’s a short update this week but plenty of odds and sods to look at.
i’ve got a holiday coming up (the update will still happen!) but when i’m back i’m hoping to get on Hamishs’ Stream and we’ll see some tabletop games on there!

so, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

My models for month four have arrived and I’ve begun to assemble them and will begin painting them this week.
Whilst waiting for them i completed a few more test paints. The first is for a Night Goblin for my Age of Sigmar orcs that i might start in January.

I wanted to use it to help test the skin for the orcs and while it came out ok, i think he may have been a little too small for testing the effect on orcs.
He was fun and quick to paint, so i might add a big unit of them, mainly as fodder! I want to add some doom divers so need to see if i can find some.

The second test is for the witch elves pale skin.

Unfortunately this didn’t come out as well as i was hoping so i’m going to try another technique that doesn’t make the paint too thick.
First though I’ve got a lot of Black Templars to paint to get to 100 power level! I want to try a few more Ultramarine primaris marines too, as i quite like the idea of a force of them in the classic colours. Seeing the models in the flesh they’ve grown on me a little more.

Short one this week!

More pop-up terrain

Welcome back!

Not a massively productive week this week; i’m between projects and having trouble with my focus

That said, i managed not one, but three peices of popup terrain this week and really loving constructing things 🙂

I started with The Bridge and is had a couple of surprisingly difficult sections, but turned out alright; even if i need to look at a method of ensuring the peices sit flat. Either some heavy scatter terrain or perhaps some thin metal strips on each corner.

Cohen verses a cultist!

As the bridge only took an hour or so i thought i’d do another simple one, assembling the Rocky Field

Quite simple and about 45 minutes; i like how there’s just enough gap between most of the sections for a single base and a couple of platforms for guys to stand on

On a roll, i spent another hour and a half assembling the Ruins

Not keen on some of the details, like the statues but it’s interesting enough for an RPG or Skirmish game.

Hopefully i can get some more assembled and find space to take a picture of hte peices together

Finally i’m still assembling the Tyranids.

I’ve got hte original and 2nd edition Warriors going on there but strggling to find arms; this alone has been killing my enthusiasm and so they may end up going for sale so i can focus on painting the various boardgames GW produce; Hamish The Polar Bear is looking to stream tabletop games on a Tuesday and i must admit it’s tempting to try games like Betrayal At Calth and Execution Force!

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week has been spent doing various test paints whilst i wait for my tale of warlords month 4 stuff to arrive. It will involve a lot of units to bring my army up to 100 power level, so should keep me going for awhile! The final month will be November, after which the tale will be completed but i will still be buying more stuff as i’m re doing the whole army.
After that, we are planning on starting an Age of Sigmar “Path to Glory” style paint along at the club. I’m tempted to join in on this but have no idea which army to do! I want to start a new one and i will be painting my Lizardmen up still along side it.
I’m undecided at the moment between Orcs or Chaos.

As i mentioned, i have spent this week with a bit of test painting. I started by test painting an Ultramarine Primaris Hellblaster, as this is most likely the chapter i will do if/when i decide to buy some of the new marines.
I’ve gone for the traditional old school colours as i’m not that fond of the new gold/brass look. Plus there’s a bit of nostalgia going on with painting them this way. I didn’t go with the old Goblin green bases however! And i also toned the red down a bit from the 90’s bright red.
I quite like the way he came out (unfortunately the picture doesn’t do it much justice) And think an army of them on the table would look quite good.

The other thing I’ve been test painting is skin for my dark elf witch elves, having played a game of oldhammer with them on Sunday for the first time in ages against orcs and goblins.
My unit of executioners killed about 5 orcs then just rolled over and died but the witch elves decide that they would eat a unit of orcs, smash through the centre of the orc line and then return a few turns later to help eat another unit! This was a unit of only 20!
As a result i decided that they deserve a bit of attention in the painting department as a reward for their efforts whilst i wait for the Black Templars.
I quite like the pale milky skin that comes on the box art and decided to try and get close to that, so have been experimenting with a few (pics next week).

That’s pretty much it for this week, so here’s a random picture of some dinosaurs eating some orcs from Sunday.



only a short update this week, so i apologise!

Like most of the wargaming community, i’m moderatley excited for Necromunda.
Possibly like several other gamers Necromunda was my first boxed game, receiving a copy for Christmas 1995.

while i’d played and collected some 40k i was buying White Dwarf every month and was hyped for the game, a mix of Judge Dredd Megacities and 2nd edition 40k’s wonderful Blanchian artwork.

I’ve run most of hte houses and both GW miniatures and non-gw, such as my first attempt at greyscale painting; my St Trinians Escher gang from Hasslefree Miniatures

i loved playing Ratskins; their immunity to Trecherous Conditions making them a lethal gang to play against; the opponent would generally have to fight handicapped while your natives swarmed them!

Generally though, i’d play Delaque; masters of Sneaky Sneaky and opponents would often find themselves with whole turns without line of sight my my bald guys

While the new miniatures look great (and much better than the last editions), i still prefer the classic Jes Goodwin ones

even if these girls are part of my Sisters Of Battle army!

I am slightly concerned by the box contents though; looks awfully like a boardgame; while Betrayal At Calth and Execution Force are good stand alone games, we buy them for use in other games… hopefully we’ll get gang lists for Shadow War: Armageddon as that’s closer to Necromunda.Of course, some of us have our old books so that is always an option…

as always, thanks for reading, i’ll have some more Pop-Up Terrain for next time.

Have Fun!