Alhaus’ random Wednesday

A slightly more productive week this week. Managed to finish off the Assault squad for the Templars, completing month three of the paint along. All together now this brings them to 56PL/1107pts.

Next months target is add anything you want to bring them to 100PL. For that i plan on adding another crusader squad, a dreadnought, an emperors champion and a land raider crusader. This should bring them close to 100PL.
So far i’m pleased with how the army is looking. Its by no means a great paint job, but its at least “good” table top standard, which is what i like to aim for.

Taking a break from 40k, i’ve also been painting some Lizardmen (i refuse to call them Seraphon!) for age of sigmar.

While i’m not a massive fan of AoS, i miss playing games with the Lizardmen so hopefully this will allow me to play with them at least a little more.
I also have an old dark elf army that i want to re do at some point in the near future. Mainly it will be replacing old metal models with the new plastics as well as repaints. I really like the look of the new dark elf models.
That army will stay as an old Warhammer Fantasy army however, for when i occasionally do get a game of it at the club!


Fate of Konor: Conclusion

Welcome back!

We’ve had the final gaming day in the Fate Of Konor Campaign amd we suffered a loss!

As per usual i rocked up with 100pwr of Sisters of Battle

We played against Alhaus’ Custodes and boy are they tough!

the Seraphim are useful as a meat shield and put out alot of firepower but didn’t really do much

i did like how survivable tanks are; they’re more durable in combat than the rest of the force; the Custodes would kill a squad in shooting then another in assault!

tried a last ditch attempt to win the game with a lone Imagifier charging Voldus.. it didn’t go well!

the Pentitent Engines are amazing though; if i had the funds i’d run 6 of ’em and a lone Exorcist!

we also played against Alhaus’ Black Templars and in a remarkable turn of events, tabled them!

they did look great as an army; hopefully he reworks his Emperors Champion to fit the army more 🙂

I also mentioned last week i’ve finished the Blood Bowl Dwarfs; here’s a pic of the team and one of the cards from Gridiron

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Little different this week. While i’m just over half way through painting my Templars assault squad, which will hopefully be complete by next week,  I’ve been assembling some custodian guard I’ve had for a while.

I played a game with them on Sunday and although only 2 of them survived that was down to my bad rolling more than their rules. They did quite well overall. I’ve always liked the background of the custodians and am glad they finally have models in 40k. They are currently running around with Guilliman and Voldus, as i wanted an army other than Ultramarines i could run Guilliman with and Voldus is there mainly because i had the model.

I really like the models and look forward to painting them in between the Templars, hopefully it wont be too difficult.


Model Box: Mechs

It’s that time again, this months Model Box has arrived!

after how bad the last one was, this one is impressive 🙂

starting at the top, we have an “Epirian Foundation Hunter Class Warmech” from the Maelstrom’s Edge Kickstarter ; i can’t find this stuff available other than the starter set but the pictures of the sprues look fairly detailed.

Impressively we follow up with the US Jackal Light Walker from Warlord Game’s Konflikt ’47 coming in at an impressive £20; doesn’t look too posable but an impressive size to him 🙂

also from Warlord Games we have a pot of Building Rubble; while i suspect these guys will have scenic bases this is perfect for a new TYranid army project i’m planning…

I guess someone heard my complaining about paints and we’ve got a Model Box branded paintbrush!
I’m struggling to find brushes i like so i’m looking forward to trying this one; if it goes well i may have to ask where they get them from!

all in all a great value and interesting Model Box this month; one of these guys maybe high on The Project List 🙂

I did finish the Bloodbowl Dwarfs so expect more on them next time…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i managed to finish the crusader squad for the Templars that i started last week.

With that squad finished I’ve begun assembling and undercoating the assault squad which when finished will complete this months paint along. They might take a bit longer to paint so i’m hoping to have them finished by the end of the month, and at least have half of them done by the weekend.

I also manged to assemble and paint the Primaris lieutenant i picked up at the weekend.

He’s one of the few Primaris marines i’ll most likely use, seeing as he has a power sword, making him a bit more Templar themed for my army. He’s not part of the paint along remake army list however, so wont be part of the final project but he’ll most likely get use in other games.


Dionzi’s Trots: The Twelveth

Fridays keep getting later and later and earlier and earlier in the week!

On days when I feel particularly mellow, in either a good way – in which I’m generally content with the world – or in a bad way – when I’m generally morose and prone to navel gazing – I like to sit and take a puff at my pipe.  I’ve only done so twice in 6 years.  I’ve had a small collection of pipes and tobacco for over twenty years (take that you ******** hipsters!), and though I never thought I’d manage it, I’ve cellared some nice blends of pipe tobacco.

Tobacco, like whiskey or brandy, ages and blends its various flavours together in greater harmony and richness the longer it stays in its original container, but unlike whiskey or brandy, but like wine, it ages and blends regardless of the container it is moved to.  If the tins are sealed, you don’t have to worry about varying levels of moisture.  I do have a “cheap” standby tobacco that I keep in a mason jar.  Every year or two I spritz in some distilled water, shake it up a bit, and let it sit; NEVER let it sit in direct sunlight or heat, because it’ll start to ferment and cook.  I use this lesser tobacco in custom wood stains, mixed with really cheap brandy and an acrylic extender.  The first two components I leave to soak together for a year, sometimes two.  I then strain the mixture and mix in the last bit, which helps fix the colour to the wood; sometimes I use this mixture as a paint on flat paintings.

When wargaming, it is important to allow one’s mind to drift between games and models: we used to be able to do this with GW’s Mail Order bitz programme, but it has been superseded by third parties and eBay.  In order to get the right “taste” and the right “look” for our armies – check with Greenstuff Gav for his nifty new Sisters of Battle army! – we sometimes have to wait.  We have to experiment and play with bitz and colours, just like tobacco and spirit blend masters do with their ingredients and products.

It is official: Necromunda is being released. When? We don’t know, but we’ve already seen some of the Escher minis being developed!  How will we be able to fit the new game into our existing games?  I will be letting Necromunda take the place of SW:A, I think.  But I am nevertheless glad that I spent time rooting out the old miniatures that I started playing with in the final years of WH40k 2nd Edition.  Many I will sell, but I’ll still keep several for my Zidio Overwatch Chapter!

How do you “age” your armies?

Fate of Konor: More flamers!

Welcome back!

a short update this week; after watching Hamish play Ziggurat i had to buy myself a copy in the Steam Sale and it’s highly addictive!
i have been painting the Blood Bowl Dwarfs and hopefully will have the team finished next week; then onto the Skaven i think 🙂

I managed to play in Triple Helix Wargames’ Konor campaign, this time 75 Power with the Sisters.

I had been expecting the Konor mission where the Defender has to survive in their deployment zone but instead we played the Open War cards.

I faced off against a Deathguard list with a load of Pox Walkers, Typhus and some plague marines

Seeing this ahead of me, i used an alpha strike from Dominions and Retributors to try and clear some of their numbers…

But it didn’t go well!

That said, we wiped everyhting else out but lost 44 – 37; we played turn 6 and i would have won the game as i took a pair of Hellbrutes worth 16 points easily

still, it was a fun game and has given me tips for my own zombie horde…

I managed to play a Deathwatch force next and while i grabbed no pictures, we tabled them turn 5!
i wish i’d kept the Immolators Flamer turret options as they’re quite tasty in this edition… still, the buff to Heavy Bolters are more than useable

Like i say, hopeing to get the Dwarfs finished for next week and currently digging my Necromunda stuff out…


as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Quite a productive painting week this week (for me at least!) Started working on the second crusader squad for my Templars remake and have very nearly finished them. Just two more marines and the basing to do!

This squad is in the more traditional Black Templars method of get in their face and chainsaw it! When the squad is complete it will bring my rebuilt Templars up to 900pts/45PL
This months painting for the club “Tale of Warlords” paint-along is a troops choice and a fast attack choice. This squad will be the troops choice and i will pick up an assault squad to go with it for the fast attack.

I wasn’t planning on having many of the new Primaris marines in the army but i have already picked up the hellblaster squad and will be picking up a lieutenant at the weekend. I am still unsure if i will get any more as there isn’t really many close combat oriented Primaris squads. I might pick up an aggressor squad as they at least have powerfist… gauntlet things.. but aside from them i’m still undecided as to get more or not!


Pop Up Terrain

Welcome back!

a long, long time ago* i backed a project on Kickstarter called Pop-Up Miniature Terrain, finding myself amused by the thought of foldable terrain

I was impressed with the quality of the prints (having ordered physical copies of the Sepia versions and the full-colour PDFs) but was daunted by the time it looked like each would take to assemble.

i found myself at a loose end this weekend and managed to assemble the first one, The Gazebo.

while other epople assembling them have used markers to black out the edges i left mine, mainly to see what it looks like.

An hour and a half’s worth of work it folds almost flat and has some great details

i’m not a fan of the roof but it does have advantages

that ogre is an oldhammer metal ogre and weighs quite a bit!

all in all a nice kit so if i get chance (this sunday is Fate Of Konor round 2) i may try the next building in the set 🙂

thanks for reading and Have Fun!

*i can still remember


Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Finally finished the venerable dread for the Templars!

Also i played my first game of 8th with the Templars this weekend for the Konor campaign (had been previously just using my old Tyranids) and although the venerable dread died (his first game!) the only other models i lost were two marines. In retaliation for felling the dreadnought the rest of the army seemed to descend in to a zealous rage and slaughtered the chaos space marines pitted against them to win the game 13-0!

Hopefully this is a success i can repeat! Next for the paint along is a troops unit and a fast attack. So another crusader squad and an assault squad to paint up! In the meantime i plan to paint up a few more Tyranids too.