Alhaus’ random Wednesday -Prussian June pt.4

This week for Prussian June i have completed an infantry regiment for my 15mm Napoleonic Prussian army.

These models come from a company called Campaign Game Miniatures, and i’ll be using them for a game called black powder by warlord games. Black Powder plays very similar to Hail Caesar only with more shooting.

This is the first unit out of about 6 that i’ll have. I’ve also picked up some cannons and cavalry.
Unfortunately my turn around time isn’t too good with 15mm and with 16 models a unit this army may well take a while! I want to get as much as i can done in time for a big game planned at my gaming club in the next few weeks. Here’s to hoping i can!


Model Box: Cowboys

welcome back!

i received this months Model Box and thought i’d bung a post up about it 🙂

Models wise i received a miniature from Dead Mans Hand, some Outlaws  and a great miniature from Wild West Exodus, who has jumped onto the painting table!

There was a couple of themed paints in there, but i’d have liked a brush or something interesting…

along with fliers for various companies, i was pleased to receive some terrain!

all in all, about £30 worth of stuff so a net gain this month; i’m looking forward to assembling the terain; my first MDF piece

In addition i thought i’d show i’ve started painting the 30k Blood Angels; the lighting isn’t great so the highlighting is lost but it’s there!

Dionzi’s Trots: The Seventh

I figure that since I’m laid up with two bum legs (I really ought to be walking with crutches), I should do my overdue blog update.

I’ve been thinking about house rules, SW:A (d’uh), and campaigns, and I want to offer some suggestions, even if they may only – at this point – be directed toward the Space Marines.

The rule book says that if a model dies, all of the equipment s/he/it is carrying gets nulled. *Poof*. I don’t like that. If a model is actually killed, roll a D6. On a 6, the mini loses gear. Role a D6 – on 1,2, or 3, you keep 50% of the gear the mini was equipped with (not including base equipment). This remaining gear is chosen by your opponent for that game. On a 6, you *do* lose all gear.

I also find it odd, if understandable, that Stalker-pattern boltguns aren’t available for Space Marine Scout Sergeants. I recommend that they can buy a Stalker-pattern bolter for +50% of the weapon’s base cost, just like a reload. A Stalker-pattern bolter with a reload would therefore cost 200pts. However, the Stalker pattern would (A) have to be purchased at the initial kill team creation, NOT as a periodic upgrade. The weapon would have a 30% increase in long-range, and a +1 to hit.

Scout kill teams, not just Space Wolf scouts, should have access to D3 special weapons at kill-team creation, with only re-loads available as upgrades. Once a weapon is destroyed or lost, it cannot be regained, and no additional models added to the roster can bring a special weapon with them into the kill team.

As a kill team gains experience and becomes more savvy as to how to survive – namely, once all New Recruits are promoted and all models’ stats maxxed out, they should be able to acquire some equipment. Perhaps they made it to a difficult drop zone, or another kill team smuggled the equipment in. So:

Space Marine Bike (rules also feasible for Ork bikes): 2 promethium to acquire, +1 promethium per battle upkeep. +1 toughness for rider. 6″ or 12″ movement. 6″ allows all weapons and attacks as normal; 12″ permits a charge and one attack with a melee weapon, and MUST make a minimum 6″ move next turn, but may not shoot. A D6 can be rolled, and the biker can execute a “zoom” straight forward, and must spend 2 turns slowing down, by D6+1″ each turn. Turning (between 0 and 50 degrees) is only permitted if a bike travels at a speed of 12″ or less, and not at all until the second turn after zooming.

A 12″ move into melee combat counts as charging. “Zooming” into close combat requires an immediate bottle test as normal by the charged unit (except Orks, which get a +2 bonus to their bottle test; Necrons, and Tyranids). If they pass, the charged model (and D3 within 2″) take an immediate normal melee attack from the charging model.

Twin-linked bolters or shootas. Riders may use their usual weapon instead, and so long as they moved less than 12″, the rider can use their melee weapon in close combat.  An enemy can choose to target either the bike or the rider. The bike has Toughness 5, and an armour save of 3+, with only one wound. If a bike is destroyed, the rider takes an immediate armour save of 5+ as he bails out.  The bike and rider would follow the above campaign adjustment.

Advanced Bike Rules: a bike traveling at a speed of 12″ or greater may roll 2D6. If they roll above their STR value, they can jump over difficult terrain, and land on the other side clearly, but must comply to “wobbly model syndrome,” and spend a turn slowing down at D6+1″. The bike and rider take an immediate combined invulnerable 5+ save.

  • Space Marine Land Speeder (Ork buggy): 5 promethium to acquire, 3 promethium for upkeep.  Because of the fiddly nature of this game, a landspeeder acts much as a large bike, but with a 1D6+3″ base movement, and a 12″+3D6″ possible “zoom”; equipped with a heavy bolter (reloads possible, as well as vision enhancing goggles, but no other upgrades). They have a 3+ save (5+ for Buggies), Toughness 6, and 3 Wounds (4 Wounds for Buggies).  The pilot or gunner can be hit on a BS-2 test, and have a 5+ invulnerable save.  If the landspeeder (or buggy) is destroyed in-game, the riders are considered “out of action” and rolls are made as normal. If the vehicle is destroyed in-game, it and its weapon are removed entirely from the kill team’s roster.
  • Landspeeders can ignore difficult terrain.  Landspeeders have a heavy bolter, and cannot shoot if they move more than 14″.
  • Buggies make a normal test to go through difficult terrain, with an added D6.  The Orks can choose to take a bottle test if the test is failed: if they pass, they re-enter the game on foot as usual, but start as “knocked down.”
  • Buggies can choose any special or heavy weapon listed, and can fire regardless of the speed at which they travel. If the weapon fails an ammo or sustained fire test, the weapon is useless for the rest of the game.

Ork vehicles are easier to repair and build than Imperial vehicles, so replacement buggies and bikes cost only 3 promethium per game each at new addition, upkeep as normal.

Landspeeders and bikes must be found as mission objectives. These replacements are free, but cost +1 promethium per game upkeep.

Upkeep must be paid each time a campaign game is played, whether the corresponding vehicle is used or not.

Space Marine Scouts: maximum 2 bikes, 1 Landspeeder;

Orks: maximum 3 bikes, 1 Buggy.

Alhaus’ random Wednesday -Prussian June pt.3

This week for the mighty Prussian fleet i completed the battle cruiser.
It’s slightly smaller than the battleship but took almost as long to paint, despite there being less detail too.
This makes all the capital ships of the fleet aside from the carrier complete. Next on the table i think i will start of some of the small escorts, which given their size should not take too long to paint.
The main problem at the moment is the weather. While it is rather warm, i am relatively unaffected due to being cold blooded, but unfortunately the paint is and it becomes difficult to paint small details when the paint dries too quickly.

Hopefully i’ll be able to get some done over the next week!


it’s getting hot in here

so painting becomes difficult!

that said, i managed to complete the Blood Angels Character army and even decided on basing; i went with Astrogranite with a Nuln Oil ink as both are rather large pots 🙂

i’m quite happy with them and the small amounts of red have motivated me to paint the Contemptors as i find red rather peaceful to paint

while i don’t have a picture of the 40k army, it’s almost assembled and about 2000pts in 8th / 100pwr

i have started undercoating the Contemptor Army but all my larger brushes have died and i gotta go brush shopping; i’m struggling to find a brand i like and can afford!

finally, i managed to get two wrestlers from Rumbleslam done; their flesh looks a bit flat in the pictures but they’re quite subtley blended and i’m rather pleased with them 🙂

one more pixie and that’s the minimum team done; i’ve got a few more models to do though so stay tuned!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Dionzi’s Trots: The Fifth


15 June 2017

Well, I’m back – trying to repair one’s primary research computer and research at the same time is a little trying. My apologies for my tardiness.

Last week I was fiddling with a couple of ideas, and it inevitably brought me back to skirmish games, SW:A in particular – big surprise.  8th edition of WH40k seems to be putting a certain flare on the chainsword – the SW:A actually refers to chainswords as elite and vaunted weapons.  Thing is, they’re not exactly practical on stealthy missions, such as those Adeptus Astartes scouts head out on.  I find it curious that the rules make no mention of this.  Every Space Marine Scout has a combat blade – essentially a two-foot long Bowie (Boo-ee) knife, designed to slash (and likely break) an enemy’s neck, or to slide up inside a rib cage and do some minute surgery. Chainswords – and other weapons it seems – come in addition to basic kit: this means to me, that if I should choose to give my veteran sergeant a chainsword, the best thing for me to do is to ensure my scouts are in perfect positions over the course of a turn or two, and either choose to quietly silence that ‘orrid Nob, or to plunge into battle using the sound of the chainsword to shatter the silence.  Now, there is some ambiguity here, because it might be possible that it is assumed that if the model has it, or has it in its active kit, it could be revving the entire time.

I can see that on the battlefield a Space Marine (and certainly an Ork and maybe Chaos Marines) would want to have his chainweapon on standby, keeping a little bit of juice running through the motor at all times, ready to rev up on a moment’s notice.  But this seems rather counter productive when you’re trying to sneak around – and yes, I’m limiting the discussion to specifically stealth-based missions.

So what to do? Surely the same fundamental problem lies with power weapons: either they can be turned off and on (it would make sense that a Space Marine could have a power knife, for instance, or that an un-powered weapon can be used like a normal weapon of that type: a combat blade or a sword when un-powered, and a power weapon when it’s turned on.  I read Gav Thorpe’s “Kill Team” omnibus about once or twice a year, and it seems to me that the Tanith First and Only, Gaunt’s Ghosts, and the Last Chancers epitomize the nature of the game SW:A attempts to be.  Colonel Shaeffer (sp? I’m away from my books) wields a power sword and a bolt pistol. I figure that if someone has to power up their power sword, there’s going to be a fight worth fighting. But that doesn’t mean an unpowered powersword can’t do damage. It would be pretty foolish of the Imperium to equip Space Marine Scouts and normal IG troopers with mono-edged knives, and expect a power sword to hold an edge with normal steel if the disrupting field is off!

I would develop house rule that would allow chainweapons to be turned off until needed, and for power weapons to be used as conventional weapons of their sort – though Nemesis Force weapons and the Nemesis Daemon Hammer pose potential problems.

I have 12 metal scouts (including two with bolters, apparently a limited release) coming in from the UK, and I have a Dark Angels Sgt. Namaan. I’m wanting to replace Namaan’s chainsword with the curved power sabre of the plastic commissar. Anyone have one in their bitz box they’d be willing to send my way?

Let’s see what tomorrow’s post will bring. I’m not sure yet myself!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday -Prussian June pt.2

Continuing Prussian June this week with my dreadnought for my Prussian dystopian wars fleet.

Accompanied by 2 cruisers as escort, all of which were fun to paint as usual. I freehanded the flag to the lead cruiser and i did want to freehand a cross on the side of the dreadnought but unfortunately my freehanding skill isn’t good enough.

I also purchased an aircraft carrier and another cruiser to bring the squadron up to 3. The aircraft carrier will most likely take a while to paint as i have many projects in between so i might leave it till last and paint the cruiser first.

As i mentioned last week though i plan on having quite a big fleet eventually, so plenty more to paint!


Back to Base(ics)

I nearly missed this update as i’ve not been to productive this week, mainly gluing figures together!

While the 8th edition army isn’t much to look at, the 7th edition special character army is almost done!

i’ve hit the point where i need to do some basing, but i find it really boring; i’ve completed many, many armies and each has their own basing technique so i thought i’d show some examples of what i have to choose from

Both the Marines and Escher have the same method; sand glued into place.
The marines are from a Blood Angels Successor army; simply large sand glued onto the bases; while it adds some contrast, i think it looks a bit lackluster and is prone to “shedding”
the Escher, from my Sororitas army, have had grey sand and then inked to dull the colour down; i like the effect but it has the same issues of shedding!

Both the Space Wolves and the Iron Warriors feature the same technique; cork glued onto bases, but finished differently; the Iron Warriors were undercoated and then painted with markings to give the impression of broken up roads, while the Space Wolves have been left unpainted and then sand added for more a more rock-like style

The Lamenters army was something completley different; a mini-diorama was made inside their case and the dreadnoughts magnetised in place; this took alot more planning and work and while looks coherant, isn’t really viable for larger forces!

finally we have the Crimson Fists and Imperial Guard armies; same technique, textured paint with an ink (Devlan Mud and Nuln Oil); quite simple and quite effective; the inks help change the tone of the base to something more appropriate

i’m leaning toward the textured paint just for ease and especially as i’ve got a large pot of Astrogranite to use up…

As always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!


Alhaus’ random Wednesday -Prussian June!

Lately I’ve been painting my Prussian fleet for dystopian wars. I used to play the game when it first came out but due to lack of players in my area i sold the stuff i had. However now my painting is slightly better than it used to be i decided to pick some up again, and even if i don’t get any games i really enjoy painting the models.
The first model i thought i’d start with was the battleship for my fleet:

The model is quite detailed for its size and i spent my time doing it.
As i haven’t played for a while i wasn’t too sure on what load-outs were best in the current edition so i decided to just go for what i liked the look of.

I’ve got a few ships to paint at the moment but i haven’t written any army list, so i’m planning on having a big fleet eventually!
I prefer painting the ships but i may move on to some of the land and air forces at a later date too, the Prussian airships are quite appealing.

That’s it for this week, and the start of “Prussian June” Have fun!