Just a Test

Welcome gamers to this, my first Blog Post!

I’ve had a few forum posts and the like so thought the guys at Wargaming @ Radstock may like to try paint alongs and write scribbles about The Hobby and The Interwebs may like to read ’em (or atleast look at the pictures!)

To start things off, a slight history. I’m “greenstuff” Gav and am lucky to have been one of W@Rs founding members when we first used to meet in a pub in Frome called The Packhorse.

I’ve gamed for twenty years and tried many systems and have worked for a few miniatures companies.

While converting is by far my favourite aspect of the hobby, i like the social aspect of getting together with other gamers and rolling some dice!

My favourite game is Games Workshops’ Inquisitor; a larger scale more roleplay-esk game, giving room to be creative with rules and backgrounds and develop your own characters.
A close second is Wyrd Miniatures’ Malifaux; i love the aesthetic of the artwork and miniatures as well as how unusual the system itself is.

i’ll finish up with my latest painting commission (i’m not great but i paint for fun!); the Eldar Phoenix Lords!

Gav - Phoenix Lords

Hopefully i can wrangle the guys into writing more stuffs and, atleast, get plenty of pictures of Toy Soldiers!

thanks for reading and, have fun!