Alhaus’ random Wednesday

This week i finished another of the many captains for my Black Templars, this one wearing terminator armour.

He didn’t come out as well as i expected but he’s at least table top standard. This should be the last of the captains (or in my case marshals) for the army.

I’ve also been working on a test paint for one of the new Primaris marine Hrellblasters.

I tried to do a freehand chapter icon n the shoulder pad but unfortunately i’m not very good at free handing so it didn’t come out too well. i then tried using a transfer, but that also didn’t work too well so i’m now looking for an alternative.
I most likely wont be using many of the new primaris marines as they don’t really fit the black Templars play style of being a mainly close combat army. All of the primaris marines apart from characters are ranged units and none seem to be dedicated for close combat. For that reason i’ll probably only add a unit of Hellblasters for fire support as their plasma weapons are very useful for dealing with the heavier armoured stuff.

Hopefully next week i’ll have finished the venerable dreadnought for the army!



Model Box: Gear Up

I’m afraid to say my Model Box for this month arrived and it’s the first i’ve actually been unhappy with 🙁

We received the usual two unsusal colours (i can see a grey scheme with orange as a spot colour for some high-tek look), a third of an Anvil Industries squad, a four man team from CP Miniatures and four dudes who have no identification at all!
all in all, not a great set from interesting models or stuff that would be cool to paint.

so instead, more Bloodbowl Dwarfs; especially as i found BB Gridiron do printable team cards; i love the cards in the box game and was disappointed when the teams don’t include them!

i’m tempted to start a 40k project to run alongside the Project: Bloodbowl but we’ll see…

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!

Alhaus’ random Wednesday

Short one this week. I have been working on some of the new characters for my Black Templar remake. Starting with a captain (or a Marshal in the case of Black Templars) and an Apothecary.

Although I’ve painted quite a few Apothecaries in the past, white is still one of my least favourite colours to paint but i wanted a “traditional” coloured Apothecary.
I’ll most likely not replace my old captain with the new one as my old one is a conversion that Gav made for me many years ago and i’m quite fond of. As a result i may end up with 2 or 3 captains running around at the same time! But apparently in 8th edition that’s easily doable.

Next for the army will be a venerable dreadnought before i start working on a second crusader squad armed with pistols and chainswords to add a more Black Templar get-in-your-face theme!


8th edition

Welcome back!

i managed to get my first game of 8th edition in this weekend against Rookie and thought i’d stick some thoughts down

i like the new deployment; WHFB always did this and gives some extra depth to just plonking things down

i think tanks have had both a buff and a nerf; while they are alot more survivable but they are easily neutered; i had a tank assaulted by a mob of Wulfen and while they didn’t outright kill it in one (which would have happened in 7th) it had to drive away and then couldn’t shoot!

talking of which, Wulfen have what used to be Feel No Pain but in this edition there’s no Instant Death so they are remarkably resilient, just like characters in general

the combat phase is very interesting; using Command Points to interrupt fight sequences, chargers attacking first add up; it’s worth assaulting with several units at once and not piecemeal!

but not getting +1A for charging makes a difference; getting charged isn’t such a wipe, nor is assaulting so disastrous for melee focused armies

i’ll finish with a note on Celestine.
With her Act Of Faith, you can add a Gemini Bodyguard, then use the Army Act Of Faith to heal Celestine D6 wounds and then in the movement phase add another Gemini!
on top of her resurrection on a 2+, using a Command Point to reroll if you fail i can see her in every single Sororitas force!

all in all i enjoyed 8th edition and may have to get the sororitas finished; while their Acts of Faith render Flamer Spam less reliable, i see a slew of Storm Bolters (4 shots upto 12″)slotting into the basic squads

there’s alot more to 8th and the Sisters but i won’t bore you with an indepth breakdown!

Thanks to Rookie for hosting and thanks for reading.
Have Fun!

Shadow War: Armageddon – Pt. 1

Zidio Overwatch Adeptus Astartes Scout Infiltrating Unit One second-in command Harlech, sat crouched behind a descending bilge pipe, sighting along his bolter, his target half hidden in shadow.  The rusting, yellow pipe, broad as he was across the shoulders, creaked slightly as Nuran adjusted his aim, the long barrel of his silenced long rifle wavering slightly as the Scout rebalanced himelf.

“Hsst!” said Nuran. “There is the Veteran Sergeant!”

“Where?” asked Harlech, “oh, there he is.”

Over the iron sight of his matte black bolter, Harlech saw a shadow move and billow out.  The Ork had no chance as the kill team’s leader swept up behind it and slid his curved power sword into its lumbar, the tip hissing and popping as blood burned, the blade blowing a hole straight through the crown of the xenos’ head.  The Veteran Sergeant immediately doused the glowing blade and returned the shadows, waving forward Talari and Hamsa.  Talari sprinted forward, raking the bolt of his shotgun, and Hamsa tottered behind him, weighed down by his heavy bolter’s bulk.

Nuran squeezed off two shots, each sounding like a popped bubble, and nodded to Harlech and Graut, who moved forward as well, spreading to cover the firing arcs leading from the Orks’ encampment.  All was well until a squig heard movement, and in seconds the small group of Space Marine Scouts was embroiled in a shooting battle, dodging for moments at a time to pull their arm-length combat blades and employ them gruesomely, as the Grandfather had intended.

Adreneline pumping through his brain, Harlech fired off a trio of bolts and grinned fiercely, relishing the battle.

Temebor, rappelling down a sump-pipe from a gantry, leveled his silenced bolt pistol at another Ork sentry, winging its arm as he tumbled to the ground. “Should have listened to old Vendrek,” he grumbled as he picked himself up, the image of a grizzled and heartless drill master rising in his mind’s eye.  The Ork boy looked at his wound for a moment, stuck its finger into the dark green goop that passed for Orkish blood, and let out a yell of rage.

Four Orks came piling around an incinerator, their sluggas blazing away indiscriminately, their hefty blades raised as they charged the Space Marine raiders.


Temebor was immediately caught in melee, and he was hard pressed to block the shower of clumsy, if effective, blows raining upon him.  Nuran popped off another couple of rounds, the toxic darts taking a moment to run through their victims’ bodies, but dropping them as surely as a serf would drop a brick.  The pressure off, Temebor dispatched the last Ork, the other groping around for purchase with one remaining arm and a leg, each on opposite sides of its body, roaring with bloodlust.

Breathing heavily, Temebor, armed with combat blade and bolt pistol, Harlech with his bolter, Talari with his shotgun and Graut with his own basic kit assembled.  Temebor and Hamsa redeployed on opposite sides of the hab-dome, waiting for the next rush of Orks.  Talari steadied his aim and, Graut beside him, carefully circumnavigated the crude hutch the xenos had built, wondering why no other Orks had manifested: the filthy brutes congregated en masse, and eliminating a group of six seemed far too easy.  Temebor and Harlech approached from the opposite direction, Nuran and Hamsa scanning the surrounding area on overwatch.  Harlech nearly pulled a header as he stumbled into a booted foot, evidence of a wickedly curved power blade marking the Ork’s torso.

With another raucous cry, another half dozen Boyz, along with a handful of gretchin and the mob’s Nob, came pelting out of their hutch, thinking themselves dead-clever to have waited and sucked in the ‘Oomies so neatly.  Their heathen gods were not with them, and Hamsa and Nuran mowed down the weakest of the band with rapid shots, one or two popping like blisters under the massive bolts roaring from Nuran’s weapon.  Talari and Graut unloaded their weapons with dispatch into the Ork’s rear, and finally the kill team’s Veteran Sergeant made himself visible, blocking the powerklaw-armed Nob’s downward swing.  Harlech counted himself lucky and rolled out of the way of the two titans fighting over his head, coming up into a crouch, his boltgun’s red-dot sight dancing over the combatants, its wielder waiting for the right moment to fire.

The Veteran Sergeant knocked the Nob back on its heels for a moment, but the long klaw caught Graut under the chin, ripping his head from his shoulders.  The man’s weapons – and body – slumped to the ground, genetically modified red blood already congealing.  Harlech popped off another couple of bolts into the darkness, and, as predicted, rooted out another group of cunning Ork boyz.

Alhaus’ random Wednesday – For the Swarm!

As my Black Templars are a paint along with the club and i’m waiting for more models to arrive i decided to start a repaint of the other army i’ll be running in 8th, Tyranids.

I’ve had them for almost as long as the Templars but never actually settled on a colour scheme for them. After a few experiments and “hmmming” I finally decided to just settle for a quick to paint scheme and not much of an amazingly looking one. I originally had my own Hivefleet but will now do Hivefleet Kraken.

The scheme is easy to paint as it’s mainly just a wash over the undercoat and then add red and fill in the details. It’s helpful being a quick scheme with all the models that’ll be painted. Also as this is a repaint unlike the Templars it mostly involves stripping and repainting models, so i need to buy very little and can fit it in between doing the Templars.

Even though the scheme is quite basic, it’ll look quite effective when its all on the table as one big force.
I’ve always liked the idea of Tyranids being a close combat army, getting in to your face and ripping it off and as a result there isn’t a single gun in the army.
For 8th however I’ve decided that i will add a few gun units, which will act as support for the other guys getting in to combat.

The few games i have had with them in 8th so far however have been quite fun and Tyranids have definitely received a much needed boost from previous editions. Also with the new rules different armies are once again more viable and it’s not just “Flying dakka Tyrant and dakka fexes” which seemed to be the majority of lists for 7th edition.

While Templars will be my main army, i hope to be having fun with Tyranids as well! The swarm hungers…


Another one bites the dust

well that was a productive week; managed to finish the 30k Blood Angels 🙂

haven’t had chance to play ’em yet but should be interesting; i’d like to do more tournament play so hopefully i can get some test games in!


As i’m usually collating armies while painting i managed to spend a day assebmling and rebasing the next project; an Ultramarine First Company force; i just have to wait for the new codex to work out points values before i can work out where they stand…

in the meantime i received a huge lot of Bloodbowl, one of GWs best games i was impressed by this editions box set.

While the rules haven’t actually changed all that much the re-write (much like Shadow War) has tidied up alot of ambiguous rules and it’s very well presented.

On top of that the models are excellent; Gw managing to show how far ahead they are in plastic production.

I also received the Dwarf Team (and dice) and as the heat is still to much for painting the Rumbleslam ladies the larger amount of detail on the Blood Bowl figures reduces the difficulty of paint drying on the palette

the dwarfs are already assembled and undercoated; as i was painting i spotted a couple of parts that need gap flling but thankfully it’s not massively noticable
Pretty standard blue and white paintjob; mainly to match my (sincve traded off) Dwarf Army.

i’m hoping to find a regular opponent otherwise these guys will be going up for sale once done!

as always, thanks for reading and Have Fun!


Alhaus’ random Wednesday

With the release of warhammer 40k 8th edition the gaming club is running a “Tale of Warlords” paint along.  A lot of people are starting new armies for 8th and the idea is that each month we buy and paint a little bit. Month one was a “Get started” box and month two is an HQ and Elites choice.
As i already have a plethora of armies for 40k, i thought i’d redo an old army instead of starting a whole new one.
For a long time I’ve been wanting to redo my Black Templars army so i decided that this would be a good opportunity to revisit them.
I’ve had Black Templars since the old Armageddon worldwide summer campaign that games workshop ran back in 3rd edition (2001?) and in that edition they were well over 5000 points!

I started by picking up the Dark Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad and using the Black Templars chapter upgrade set instead of the Dark angels upgrade sprue to make a new crusader squad and a Rhino.

The Crusader Squad is almost complete, with just 2 marines and basing to finish. This will be more of a fire support squad and when i add two more squads they will be armed with a more fitting close combat load out.
Although Black Templars can technically get devastators and all the other units normal space marines can (barring Librarians), i want to stick with a more “traditional” set up for them, so only taking the units they used to be able to take before they lost their uniqueness and became just “Black armoured space marines”
To this end they’ll also be taking an Emperors champion in every game, as seems fitting for them and the army will be mostly close combat orientated.

This is an army i’m really looking forward to playing again, as i haven’t played them since they were rolled in to the normal marine codex and I’ve had them for nearly 16 years!


Dionzi’s Trots: The Eighth and Ninth

I’m going to combine last week’s post with this week’s post, as they each have a bevvy of thoughts to cover. *Grumbles about Greenstuff Gav calling Dionzi’s submission late and buries nose into overheating computer’s guts*

On July 1, 2017, Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary. Compared to the histories of the Old Countries and other, larger powers, this is merely toddler-hood. But in Canada’s history we have atrocities as severe as anything older nations have committed: In the first place, we instituted the Residential Schools, which were Roman Catholic initiatives to en-Whiten Canadian First Nations; this was on top of a form of genocidal campaign spanning several hundred years under French and British rule. The Residential Schools tortured indigenous children for speaking their native language, beat them, pierced their flesh, broke their bones. In fact, the Canadian government, in support of the Residential Schools, encouraged the act of suppressing the natural right of the First Nations to use not only their own languages, but removed from them the right of naming themselves, one another, and their children. During WWII, innocent Japanese-Canadians were put into what amounted to concentration camps in order to prevent them from communicating with the Imperial Japanese military.  Eugenics operations were also active well into the 1960s.

Those acts, and many more, were unforgivable. We do have to remember though that the acts of many of our governments, such as that of Lester B. Pearson, sought to alleviate world suffering. It was a result of thousand-yard-stares that made Canada blind to the horrors it was inflicting on its own people – it knew this was going on, but didn’t – or couldn’t – deal with the issue effectively.

“Canada” is a word derived from a First Nations’ term for community. I hope our present and future binds together the disparate communities that make up our multicultural country – which is very different from the social “melting pot” with which the USA associates itself – into a true, balanced, equal, and understanding community.


This, in its way, brings me to a thought about SW:A.  Necromunda was a ground-breaking game, in terms of its story lines, its game play, and its models.  I plan to field a Space Marine Scout force in Shadow War: Armageddon, Necromunda’s “spiritual successor.”  But it occurred to me, as I’ve commented before, that we cannot allow ourselves to be restricted by the rules or the models.  I’ve been going out of my way to find miniatures I like, or that can be converted for one reason or another, and re-purposed.  I’ve just added a Necromunda bounty hunter (with a bolter and bolt pistol, although I might modify his bolter to be a hotshot lasgun) and an Underhive Scum (with two bolt pistols and a trench coat) to my collection – they’ll be arriving in a week or two.  I’ll wait to include them in my kill team until I suffer a fatality or two.  Why?  I imagine my Space Marine Chapter, the Zidio Overwatch, to be practical: who knows the Underhive better than those who live there?  The Zidio Overwatch recognizes the value of homeland intel.  They also refer to the Emperor as “Grandfather.”

Incidentally, White Dwarf #222 is my favourite issue of them all – I’m a Gorkamorka fan, as well as being a fan of well-told-tales.

The bounty hunter will be the first New Recruit – I’ve been wanting that model since it appeared in White Dwarf almost twenty years ago, in a battle report between Adrian Smith’s Orks and a platoon of Imperial Guard Pretorian Guard under Paul Sawyer, the redoubtable “Fat Bloke”, in “Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek.” As I recall (*opens the WD issue in question) the “farmer,” Conrad Glazer, was represented by the bounty hunter model.  I think I’ll keep the name too, for sentimental reasons.  In the narrative of my SW:A kill team, he’ll be the one who guides my Scouts to mission sites and provides intel.  The Scum will be the second “native” character.  To me, the latter looks a lot like Eisenhorn, from “Inquisitor.”  He’ll follow the narrative track of an opportunist.  I’ll prime the bounty hunter to take over if my kill team’s leader gets eliminated: the kill team’s official leader will be Naaman with a new sword – I’ve mentioned him before.

One of the things I’ve noticed since I started the hobby in 1998 is that fewer and fewer players are willing to modify models (convert them), or create stories for their own armies and characters.  GW, at least, no longer seems to encourage conversions, although this loses them a great deal of money in potential income: instead, third party companies offer “bits services,” which is a misspelling of “bitz services.”  Not only this, but battle reports have gone from being stories to mere recitation of events.  Any historian worth his (or her) salt knows that story is as important as fact.  But now, long past the golden age of White Dwarf, fact is only fact, and story is only worth the money buyers, not hobbyists, invest.

Wargaming is a community event. We should enjoy that!