Something New

I often surprise people by chewing through army projects; i have a fast turn around and often have my army list planned close to the start of a project; there’s the old saying “an army is never finished” but i beg to differ!

i’m often thinking and collecting stuff for my next project, for example, when i finished the Iron Warriors recently i knew i wanted to do a Blood Angels force for 30k!

That said, while i’ve been having fun gluing miniatures together, i decided to do something different; i’m going to paint some miniatures for Rumbleslam, a wrestling themed game by TTCombat

these minaitures are gorgeous; slight amount of cleaning up required but not alot ūüôā

i’m also going to take my time; slow down and get them looking good, rather than my usual tabletop standard!

the treeman has some great details and i’ve used a variety of different browns to hopefully help him blend wit hthe exposed flesh of the rest of the team
the Sprite, however, i went for a very pale fleshtone; the studio paintjob is green but again, having the crew look cohesive is important to me!

debating some freehand on the pair of them but i’m happy enough with them as is!

also, Blood Angels!

cheers and Have Fun!

Dionzi’s Trots: The Third

Last week I broached the subject of WYSIWYG, and I want to tease it out a bit more. As usual, I’ll harp on SW:A.

**EDIT: Damn, this has become a rant rather than having any recognisable benefit to the reader. I’ll edit this thing at some point. /D

In games like Inquisitor, with models in 54mm scale, it’s relatively easy for a hobbyist to add all the need do-dahs and deedle-dims that make up a well-equipped, or at least an appropriately equipped, character.¬† This isn’t so easy in 28mm. Of all the minis I’ve seen over the years, the new Deathwatch veterans (in plastic) and the original pewter Space Marine scouts are the only minis that have come close to being properly equipped for their role(s).

Grenades, grappling harnesses, things of this ilk are discussed in SW:A, but they, along with extra weapon reloads, have to be scavenged from one’s bitz box, or sculpted on, which is fine, but now GW has so many gubbinz sculpted onto models we barely have room to customise our own minis. Nevertheless, I’ve now forked out a little more than I should have in getting appropriate bitz to make SW:A characters and what I feel to be proper-looking, or at least appropriately inspired, characters for 40k.

An example: Bionics have been done-away-with in 7th Ed., and I surely hope they come back for 8th. Now we have minis with beautifully converted bionics that a character can’t use. The assumption is therefore that the presence of the bionic merely returns normal use to the limb, and the fabricated replacement is just as fragile (in its own way) as flesh. They’re not even mentioned in SW:A.

The purpose of WYSIWYG is to (A) limit the player to using only realistic levels of equipment, (B) make sure that no model is hideously over-equipped (in SW:A, I expected a mega-armoured ork Nob as a special operative, not a painboy!) But WYSIWYG is supposed to go both ways: (C) WYSIWYG allows the player to personalise his miniatures!¬† (Why does Nathan have a meltabomb instead of a krak grenade? “Oh, because he likes to sleep with something warm.” Of course, how foolish of me! *Rolls eyes*) This was a strength of Gorkamorka (although that game allowed for fewer items from the get go), and of several past editions of 40k, Necromunda, Mordheim, and the like. In skirmish games like SW:A, we’re supposed to get invested in our miniatures – else how would they progress and improve? I certainly would want to be upset if my favourite grot, whose miniature is looking down the barrel of a shoota, got his face blown off! “Fer a grot, ‘ee was ‘urty!” (*Down fungus beer here*)

One of the things we lose in SW:A is the ability to personalise our characters, and WYSIWYG becomes not a hobbyist’s issue, but of the rules failing the hobbyist. I want my Inquisitor to have purity seals and get have them mean something, not to be just a flappy piece of paper and some wax stuck someplace.¬† Without having meaning stemming from the rules, all a purity seal is is a scrap of toilet paper with some words on it.

I guess what I’m getting at is not so much that WYSIWYG is either a good or a bad thing, but that we as hobbyists should have the right and have the flexibility in rules to play WYSIWYG! This would require a supplement for SW:A, of course.

This can be modified somewhat. Traditional Necromunda gangs of means can use the same old miniatures, but stand in for Imperial Guard Veterans, or, alternatively, Scavvys could use the Genestealer cult rules. But Scavvys didn’t have any psychological dependence on their gang leader (maybe – I never played Necromunda). BUT IG troops use a Commissar’s LD, don’t they? Maybe the Scavvys in SW:A are more clannish than their traditional comrades – Ratskins too!

WYSIWYG is a concept that, like “beardy,” seems to have vanished from the GW gamers’ lexicon. Beardy is now “overpowered.” It used to mean “overpowered” as well, but that was when GW was more interested in its fan base than its pocketbook. Perhaps WYSIW-GW wants, not necessarily what the player wants any longer.

Should this change? I think you know what my answer would be …


An example: I’m making a “counts-as” Inquisitor for SW:A (and maybe for 40k, we’ll see). He’s wearing gold armour, uses a storm bolter, has a warding stave, a cloak/cape thing, and carries an incinerator along with him. He also has a beard, but that’s hidden behind his gorget.¬† So what does he count as? Well, an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor.¬† Fine.¬† What’s his equipment? Storm bolter or incinerator, or counts-as a combi-flamer in 40k; and maybe a combi-flamer with one bolter reload in SW:A. But, he’s a “count-as” Inquisitor! He’s really a golden-armoured Grey Knight Justicar! AH! So why does he have an incinerator? Because maybe I will want him to use a flame weapon in a game down the line and not his standard storm bolter.

In Inquisitor, one can use a “counts-as” rule as a +1 or +2 point Willpower bonus, for example, to stand in for a purity seal.¬† In SW:A, Purity Seal: Improves the chances of passing bottle tests by “x” (maybe).¬† One would have to add a full-sized compendium in order to properly represent even the most basic kill-team in SW:A.

As I say, I’ll edit this a bit when I’ve had some Scrumpy.

Alhaus’ random Wednesday.

This week i finally got around to finishing my second assault squad for my 30k Raven Guard.

We’ve these done that completes nearly all the infantry models for the army apart from five more Dark Fury assault marines and an apothecary.
After they are done it’ll then be on to vehicles, which i’m not too fond on painting but at least space marine vehicles¬†tend to be fairly quick.

With this assault squad it also brings the army to just over half finished (until i decide to add more!)

I’ve gone for a very “Get in the enemy’s face” style army rather than a sit back and shoot approach. This does tend to result in most of them dying before they get there however, making their play style slightly more difficult, especially as 7th edition 30k is very shooting based. Nevertheless i think the theme fits the sons of Corax more, even if it’s not a strong play style.

That’s this week, have fun!


For Russ!

I promised a follow up once the Space Wolves were done and here they are!

all 2000points completed!

The Space Wolves are an army conversion; i’d originally built them for 40k but they didn’t do very well (infact i don’t think they won a single game!) and so i reworked them int oa 30k force

Originally i’d removed alot of the Space Wolf Icons and bits; in 2nd edition 40k the Space Wolves were pretty much like the generic space marines and i still beleive you should mix 1 Space Wolf sprue per 3 normal sprues!

anyway, adding Heresy arms and helmets helped fit them into the 30k aesthetic and i think they’re just wolfy enough as the Space Wolves hadn’t gone all wolf-wolf-wolf-wolf by then!


Space Wolf armies need 1 character per 1000points and so Geigor was a natural choice and the Calth Chaplain with some convering work fits as a centurion and is possibly my favourite model in the force
The two priests are kit bashes but i doubt will get much play time!

after what i said about not too much wolf bits i went all out with the Veteran squad; both in weaponry and in wolf bits; these guys are elites and designed to inflict terror into opponents!

Thankfully the army is now done and i can sell them on and start work on something different!

Thanks for reading and have fun!

Dionzi’s Trots: The Second

Wow, second post and I’m already a day late! What an example I’m setting for m’self!

So I’ve got my scouts for SW:A pulled from my collection: Sgt. Naaman, two shotties, a sgt with a bolt pistol and chainsword, and two different snipers, all metal of course. I’m looking beyond my collection for heavy weapons and bolter-armed scouts, but they seem rather elusive or stupidly expensive (e.g., 20 Euros plus 20 Euros for shipping per model). I did get a Cadian sniper at some point, but I don’t think I’ll use him as a component of my scout kill-team. I’ve been looking at the metal Gaunt’s Ghosts as an option for a Veteran IG kill-team, but dough is scarce. I’m hardly a baker.

I’ll talk here about WYSIWYG: “Wissywig” – or What You See is What You Get. It has been a foundational concept for me over the years.¬† In SW:A, it is naturally assumed that grenades and a combat blade are on the model, if hidden by other gear.¬† I have two views on this. In the first place, it’ll make models less “busy”, and therefore easier to look at and paint.¬† In the second place, it is an assumption that could lower modelling standards for new players – which may very well be the point.¬† One reason I’m going with metal Scouts is that they have everything displayed on their rigs already! Spare ammunition, grenades, swords, bolt pistols, shotguns, that sort of thing. On top of that, they don’t look like boxes with legs, which is my main beef with the new plastic scouts.

I do like the mention that Scouts are allowed gear IN ADDITION TO grenades and combat blades. This means that I can get a chainsword and choose not to use it in a scenario where stealth is needed at first – using the the combat blade to do quiet things – and once and if the alarm is set off, go whole-hog with a “prestigious” weapon. That in itself is curious, but there you go.¬† My Naaman will be set up with a custom powersword, but that’s just me. The mental image of a Scout coming up behind an Ork and slipping a glowing blade through his spine and out through its chest in perfect silence is appealing. Orks, however, could probably survive this just long enough to set off an alarm, but oh well.

Ce la vie, eh?


Model Box – Barbarians

I subscribed to the Model Box last month and thought i’d show you guys what i got this month!

The Model Box works very much like a Loot Crate; for a fee you get several different things all to a set theme, last months was Bombshells, this months is Barbarians!

I received a Darklands Cormac, a Hasslefree Tregar and a baggie full of skulls!

On the whole not a great selection but certainly worth their value ūüôā
thankfully i’m collating a rabble of barbarians into a single regiment and these guys will have a home!

will grab some pictures of the regiment at some point but they’re low down on my project list!

have you guys bought a Model Box? or have slow burn projects with no real aim in mind?


Have Fun!

Simply being Different

So I definitely lack the skills of some of the others bloggers when it comes to painting and modeling but I don’t think that should stop anyone from trying to be different.

A couple of photos of stuff I’ve tried here with varying success using a minimum of greenstuff, mostly parts straight out of kits and a little (and only a little in most cases) imagination.¬† I’ve liked most of it enough to paint so that must be something.

A couple of basic tips / ideas and photos of stuff I think works

  1. Keep EVERYTHING from every sprue.

Chaos especially but basically everything.¬† One of the first armies I painted from scratch was a Nurgle Chaos horde. I really wanted a palanquin (once I’d Googled what one actually was!) and decided to build something from bits I had from the starter kits.¬† No sculpting at all in this other than a bit of stuff holding it together.¬† The painting isn’t great (none of mine is) but I really like the final result.


2. A little green stuff here and there

Whilst I’m not brave enough to sculpt in any detail a little bit here and then can be used reasonably easily for simple conversions

Here I really wanted some Chaos Ogryn but not at FW prices. ‘Sculpted’ in the loosest sense of the word some hoods and came up with these. ¬†Glued a couple of Chaos symbols to the shield ends too!

3. Lastly did I mention keeping everything from sprues and a little imagination. ¬†Recently I finished my Space Wolf Army and wanted a set of Land Raiders that would make the All Father Proud. ¬†Enter some Dreadnought claws, spare axes and shield from the same kits, symbols from the Wolf Guard and Bloodclaws…..not brilliant but an okay and at least semi-unique conversion

Alhaus’ random Wednesday.

Keeping with the primarch theme, this week i completed (well mostly) Roboute Guilliman.

The picture doesn’t do him much justice and i decided to give him his helmet as i wasn’t too keen on the bare head (plus i’m not good at painting flesh!)
The sword didn’t come out as well as i had hoped but overall it was fun to paint.

This is the 40k version but i don’t think he’ll see much gaming time in 40k, though i do have a classic 2nd ed ultramarines army i could potentially run him with and my own chapter uses the ultramarines chapter tactics.
I am more tempted to run him in 30k however. I was thinking of making an Ultramarines terminator force for 30k as taking him makes terminators troops choices and i wouldn’t need to buy many models. I just need to acquire 10 cyclone missile launchers!

It’s a nice model and it’d be a shame to not get to use him much, so the 30k force may be started soon!



a productive week!

That was unexpected!
While asking the guys if anyone’d be interested in joining this little gathering i hadn’t expected such a response!
i have to thank Alhaus, Rookie and Dionzi for their time and input; i love reading what people are doing!

For my own submission i thought i’d do something i plan on covering a bit more; techniques and guides! as the Iron Warriors are close to complete i’ve been doing some squad markings.

While Horus Heresy armies aren’t quite so rigid with squad markings, there are a few suggestions in the Forgeworld Black Books and only a few transfers.
this, combined with the fact i hate using transfers, mean i tend to do alot of my markings freehand and many poeple comment on how hard it is to do, while in effect, it comes down to painting lines!

i recommend the plan out the marking you want to do; i ted to sketch it onto my workpad before i start!
while the pictures are presented without explaination, it’s quite straightforward and by doing a squad at a time, by the time the last guy is done, the first is ready for the next step!

i may have missed a step and they’re not all identical but i think they work enough for a tabletop quality!

while the Iron Warriors are nearly complete (5 more breachers) i had an order turn up, so the Space Wolves are going to get my focus this week and next week i’ll go into collecting and building the army

thanks for reading and thanks to the guys for writing… remember, Have Fun!

Dionzi’s Trots

Ages ago, before epochs were invented, I was handed “Brewhouse Bash” from White Dwarf 223 (I think) and the second edition Eldar codex.¬† I was hooked. Then I learned about Space Wolves and Dark Angels, and later the Inquisition, and discovered that being a financially responsible person and wargaming just didn’t work! Over the next little while I’ll be posting about my escapades into creating kill teams and 3D models for stories to be based upon.¬† Photos will be sporadic, but I’ll do my best to show you what I’m working on! I sculpt and build individual models and retinues based in the venerable RPG Inquisitor story world, in both 54mm and, more recently, Inq28.

With the advent of Shadow War: Armageddon, I am breaking my wallet open again and finagling a couple of kill teams.¬† I’m borrowing my Gorkamorka Ork mob for one (my spanner boys actually have spanners! Mind you, they’ll probably end up as yoofs), and resurrecting bits of my Space Marine collection to make a scout kill team: two classic metal snipers (and their Catachan sniper little brother – not sure what I’ll do with him), two shotguns (one of my most favourite models in the entire range), a melee bloke, and Sgt. Naaman from the Dark Angels.¬† I’m planning on getting Vet. Sgt. Telion as well, but I have a preference for metal minis, and Telion in metal costs as much as a Codex. *Sigh* I also have a small horde of Eldar (new plastic Dire Avengers with 2nd Ed shuriken catapaults, yay!) that I can fool around with.

I’m not all that chuffed with painting minis, and over the last 20 years my eyesight has gotten worse and my hands shake. Hopefully they’ll both calm down soon!¬† My current project is an Ordo Malleus bloke, Inquisitor Allon _(insert surname here)__.¬† Gold armour, an incinerator, warding staff, storm bolter with scope, you know. An open, warm, inspirational character who happens to count as a Justicar in SW:A!

If you have an idea for a surname for this fellow, be sure to comment!

Also if you have metal Space Marine Scouts with bolters and heavy weapons to part with. The new plastics are awful.

With good fortune, more soon,

  • Dio.